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Lutgert College of Business

Lutgert College of Business

COB Handbook - Department Secretary Responsibilities


At Adjunct Faculty’s Arrival:

  • Contact your department adjuncts (via letter, phone or e-mail), and set up an appointment with him/her.
  • Have him/her sign Adjunct Overload Form and Overload Agreement
  • If needed, make sure the Department Chair has completed an Adjunct Letter of Justification and forwarded it to the Associate Dean.
    Provide a current resume to the Associate Dean. (If the adjunct faculty has worked previously with the department, request a copy of an updated resume.)
  • Make sure he/she provides original transcripts to Academic Affairs.
  • Make sure he/she attends a complete Payroll "Sign On" put on by the Human Resources Department. If the adjunct faculty has worked in the past year with your department or College, he/she may not need to do another “Sign On” again (unless there has been as change, such as: name, address, dependents, tax status, etc.).
  • Place a request with the College Business Manager to have an e-mail account established.
  • Advise adjunct how to locate Academic Calendar, Holiday Schedule, and Payroll information.
  • Submit a request to the Business Manager of the College to provide a podium and classroom key.
  • Have him/her contact Instructional Technology to schedule podium training, and other appointments related to on-campus facilities.
  • Supply clerical support if needed.
  • Submit textbook orders to the bookstore using the Bookstore website.
  • Order desk copies of course adoptions for both, department and adjunct faculty member.
  • Supply a list of contacts and main phone numbers for the LCOB and other University departments. Examples:

Instructional Technology (re: training, web development, course syllabi, etc.)
Computer Services (re: technical support, hardware and software)
Police Department (re: parking, opening classrooms, security issues, etc.)
Physical Plant (re: air conditioner)

  • Supply access to the Web site for the current LCOB Faculty/Staff Handbook.
  • Make sure they have received instructions and PIN for Gulfline.

At Adjunct Faculty’s Departure:

  • At the end of the semester, work with the adjunct faculty to collect podium and/or scan keys and any required course materials.