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Lutgert College of Business

Lutgert College of Business

Contact Information


For More Information

For information and eligibility, contact:

  • Undergraduate Students:

    Ms. Paula Machlin
    Academic Advisor II
    Phone: 239-590-7401

    Ms. LaToya Lee
    Academic Advisor
    Phone: 239-590-7350

    Mr. Andy MacDiarmid
    Academic Advisor II
    Phone: 239-590-7351


  • Graduate Students:
    Mr. Andy MacDiarmid
    Academic Advisor II
    Phone: 239-590-7351

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Internship Opportunities

FGCU Career Development Services (CDS) has additional information on jobs and internship opportunities.

  Career Development Services
  Mr. Reid Lennertz, Director
239-590-7960 or

For information on Academic Internships in your area of interest, contact the appropriate person below.
These are the Faculty Internship Supervisors for 2014 - 2015

  Accounting: Dr. Deanna Burgess
  239-590-7341, LH 3330,


  Computer Information Systems:
Eugene Hoyt
  239-590-1192, LH 3364,


  Economics: Dr. Carrie Kerekes
  239-590-7311, LH 3358,


  Finance and Real Estate: Dr. Travis Jones
  239-590-7167, LH 2305,



Management, Marketing, Sports Management:
Dr. Sandra King Kauanui / Kay Wingert - Secretary

  239-590-7381, LH 3338,


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