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Academic Internships


  Student Qualifications
  Time Requirements
  Roles and Responsibilties
  Approval Process
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The objective of an internship is to provide Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) students with an opportunity to enhance their academic preparation through practical, hands-on experience. An internship seeks to offer students the opportunity for professional growth within an organization through the completion of challenging and meaningful work. Students gain valuable experience that translates to high marketability upon graduation. Employers gain valuable input into their organization and have the opportunity to "check out" potential future employees.

Student Qualifications

  1. Undergraduate Students - Junior standing with a minimum 2.5 GPA overall and 3.0 GPA in major
    Graduate Students - Minimum 3.0 GPA overall
  2. The academic internship must be a new learning experience (not the student's current employment) and it may not apply toward service learning hours.
  3. Students must receive the approval of their academic advisor prior to applying for an academic internship position.
  4. All internships for academic credit must receive the approval of the Faculty Internship Supervisor.
  5. All International students who hold the F-1 or J-1 Visa should contact the Office of Global Initiatives and International Services to verify eligibility and immigration compliance.
  6. A maximum of three credit hours of an approved academic internship may be applied toward graduation requirements as a College of Business elective.

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Time Requirements

In order to earn three credit hours of academic credit, students are required to work a minimum of 120 to 150 hours at an approved site for a 10 to 12 week period.

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Roles and Responsibilities

Expanation of Internship program Roles and Responsibilities


Approval Process

Included in the following Approval Process are links to individual internship forms. (Some forms are linked more than once.) For a complete list of forms, and the software required to view and print them (individually or a complete set), go to Internship Forms.

  1. Meet with College Advisor
    1. Student must schedule an appointment with their college advisor to begin the approval process.
    2. At the initial meeting, the advisor explains the guidelines for an academic internship and gives initial approval based on the student's academic history. If approved, the student completes the student section of the Internship Agreement and the Internship Contract for Academic Credit. The student is then referred to the appropriate Faculty Internship Supervisor.
      List of Faculty Internship Supervisors
  2. Identify Internship Position
    1. Student identifies an internship position. Touch base with your Faculty Internship Supervisor to see if they are aware of any opportunities. Check the Career Development Services web-based internship listing system.
  3. Prior to Beginning the Internship
    1. Student meets with the Organization/Company offering the internship to complete the Internship Agreement and attaches a copy of the internship position description.
    2. Student then meets with the Faculty Internship Supervisor to:
  4. DEADLINE for completion of the first three items is one week prior to the first day of classes for the semester the student wishes to register for the academic internship.

  5. Registration
    1. Faculty Internship Supervisor forwards the completed forms to the Associate Dean for Enrollment Management for final approval.
    2. Course number and CRN are entered on the Contract, and the student is registered for the class.
    3. Student must confirm their registration on Gulfline and pay all tuition and fees by the deadline date published in the university academic calendar.
    4. Copies of the forms are distributed to the student and Faculty Internship Supervisor, and the originals are placed in the student's college advising file.
  6. Conclusion of Internship
    1. Student requests the Organization/Company Internship Supervisor to complete the online Student Intern Evaluation Form. The Organization/Company may request a hard copy of the Student Intern Evaluation by contacting the LCOB Office of Student Affairs at 239-590-7302.
    2. Student completes the online Internship Site Evaluation
      Students may request a hard copy of the Internship Site Evaluation by contacting the LCOB Office of Student Affairs at 239-590-7302.
    3. The student is responsible for the completion of all academic requirements as stated on the completed Internship Contract for Academic Credit.


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