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Management B.S.

Management B.S.

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Gerald Segal, Ph.D.

Gerald Segal,  Ph.D.Associate Professor of Management
Phone: (239) 590-7389
Office: Lutgert Hall, 3363

Gerry Segal brings the unique credentials of a university professor of entrepreneurship, consultant to the organic food industry, and successful entrepreneur. After receiving the BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida and the Master of Commercial Science from Rollins College, he started a commercial real estate brokerage and property management firm. Later, he founded two leading-edge natural food stores.

Columbine Market, an award-winning organic food store in Fort Collins, Colo., was one of the largest and most successful markets of its type at the time. Friendly Foods & Deli in Eugene, Ore., an innovative and very unique organic food market, also became a great success.

Gerry acquired a Ph.D. in Management from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1995. He is on the faculty of Florida Gulf Coast University Department of Management, where he teaches courses dealing with entrepreneurship, green business, and environmental sustainability. Numerous refereed academic outlets have published his research.

Viewing sustainability as the key issue of our time, Gerry received his Permaculture Design Consultant certification during the summer of 2008. Gerry teaches a course on sustainability, The Colloquium, as well as a course in Sustainable Business Management. Gerry teaches non-credit courses on organic vegetable gardening and Permaculture through the University's Renaissance Academy. In addition, he has infused sustainability throughout the entrepreneurship concentration. For example -- students in the required Foundations of Entrepreneurship course are encouraged to develop a feasibility analysis of a green business and/or write a term paper on green business opportunities. This emphasis on sustainability and the natural environment strongly supports the University's environmental mission.

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