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Marketing B.S.

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Linda Ueltschy

Visiting Instructor I
Phone: (239) 590-7476
Office: Lutgert Hall 3336

Dr. Ueltschy is an active Fulbright Scholar and currently a Visiting Associate Professor of Marketing at Florida Gulf Coast University. Previously, she was an Associate Professor of Management and the senior faculty member in International Business at Bowling Green State University (1998-2013), having received her PhD in Marketing and International Business from Kent State University in 1993. Majoring in both French and Spanish as an undergraduate and studying in Madrid as part of her Master's degree in Spanish from BGSU, Dr. Ueltschy uses her fluency in French and Spanish in business contexts and in her research pursuits, having led research projects in more than 15 countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia and North America. She has published more than 25 articles in journals such as Journal of International Marketing, Journal of International Business Studies and Journal of Business Research, to name a few, mainly in the areas of international advertising, global website design, customer satisfaction, and outsourcing. She has done consulting projects for U.S. firms wishing to do business in Latin America, i.e. finding a distributor for a Wisconsin firm in the Costa Rican market. Her knowledge of languages and cultures has also helped in creating and leading student groups abroad. .

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