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Lutgert Exchange, The LCOB Newsletter - Archive
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News of the College - Archive
June 30, 2013: LCOB MBA Grad Partners With Basketball Star in New Business
June 3, 2013: Dr. Sandra Kauanui Recognized by Junior Achievement
June 2, 2013: Dr. Dean Stansel Ranks Metro areas on Economic Freedom / Reported in
       The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
       The City Journal
       Acton Institute's website
May 20, 2013:. Dr. Sandra Kauanui Comments on Workplace Conflict
May 16, 2013: LCOB / Horizon Council Reports Second Quarter Business Climate Index
Press Coverage Fort Myers News-Press | SW Florida Business Today
May 16, 2013: Students' Product and Business Plan Takes Florida Venture Forum Award
Video: Product Presentation at Florida Venture Forum
Floria Venture Forum Press Release
Press coverage: Student Newspager | FGCU Magazine
More Press coverage: Fort Myers | Naples | Miami | National
May 16, 2013: TV interview - Dr. Dean Stansel Comments on Growing Business of Microbreweries
May 15, 2013: Workforce Study (see April 5 item) issues second report
Reported in: Gulfshore Business Daily | SW Florida Business Today
May 9, 2013: Port Authority Executive Named to LCOB Advisory Council
April 2013: LCOB is Re-accredited

  • AACSB International—The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business - is the premier accrediting agency for Colleges and Schools of Business. LCOB is proud to have gained re-accreditation from AACSB, as announced this month.
    The meaning and importance of accreditation are discussed in videos posted to the Accreditation website.

April 17, 2013: Dr. Shelton Weeks addresses Naples Realtors Economic Summit
April 15, 2013: Radio Interview: Dr. Dean Stansel Discusses Tax Freedom Day
April 5, 2013: LCOB Partners with Regional Organizations on Workforce Study
FGCU Press Release
Study Document (96 pages)
April 2013: Dr. Gary Jackson comments on the Economic Recovery for Gulfshore Business Magazine
March 2013: The Eagles made it to the Sweet Sixteen - that was the big basketball news.
What does that have to do with Economics? Read on:
Forbes: Cinderella - and an "excellent Economics department"
Forbes: Andy Enfield's Hayekian Dunk-City Offense (Op-ed by Dr. Dean Stansel)
Bloomberg: Ayn Rand's formula for NCAA Tournament Success
Business Observer: Dunk This - FGCU is Free Market U
February 21, 2013: Latest in the BB&T Distinguished Lecture Series
January 11, 2013: Dr. Dean Stansel: Government Shouldn't Pick Winners
January 7, 2013: Real Estate Investment Society Awards Scholarship to LCOB Student
January 3, 2013: Dr. Gary Jackson Comments on Businesses Catering to Exclusively to Adults
January 2, 2013: Dr. Stansel: Fiscal Cliff Decisions Could Adversely Affect Charitable Donations
December 18, 2012: Dr. Dean Stansel on the Subject of Mortgage Interest Deduction
December 13, 2012: Dr. Stansel Comments on Politicians as Venture Capitalists
December 3, 2012: Law and Economics scholar Prof. Henry Manne Speaks to LCOB class
December 5, 2012: Business and Engineering Students Team up for Eagle Biz Awards Event / News Stories:
November 26, 2012: Gulfshore Business Daily
December 5, 2012: WINK News Now
December 4, 2012: Dr. Stansel comments on Florida's 'Economic Freedom' ranking
December 3, 2012: Dr. Stansel comments on political influence in foreign trade missions
November 19, 2012: Dr. Stansel comments on "pro-business" legislature
November 19, 2012: LCOB Regional Economics Research Institute Surveys Local Executives
November 8, 2012: Dr. Dean Stansel is profiled in Naples Florida Weekly
November 1, 2012: Soviet Expert Dr. John Moore Speaks to LCOB class
October 11, 2012: Dr. Stansel comments on gasoline prices - story on NBC-2 website
October 4, 2012: Dr. Stansel's op-ed: State and local government subsidies to businesses
September 27, 2012: Dr. Dean Stansel discusses the 2012 Economic Freedom of the World Report on WGCU
August 29, 2012: Gulf Coast Business Review story: Dr. Gary Jackson's Economic Report
July 25, 2012: Dr. Dean Stansel comments on drilling for oil off the Cuban coast
July 11, 2012: TV Interview - Dr. Dean Stansel Comments on Health Care Costs
June 25-29, 2012: CEO Academy Encourages Young Entrepreneurs - Related News Stories:
        Dr. Sandra Kauanui Heads LCOB's Center for Entrepreneurship
        Future Business Leaders Dazzle at CEO Academy
April 22, 2012: Real Estate Society Award to Dr Ken Lusht
April 10, 2012: Lucas Institute co-hosts Real Estate Career Forum
April 10, 2012: Business Students win Scholarships
April 2012: LCOB Partners with Junior Achievement to Offer Summer Business Camp
April 3, 2012: Dr. Shelton Weeks contributes to story of the real estate boom years
March 27, 2012: J.P. Morgan Executive Speaks at LCOB Event
January 14, 2012: Wall Street Journal: Dr. Dean Stansel comments for stimulus spending story
January 12, 2012: Dr. Shelton Weeks comments on Collier County economy
December 19, 2011: Photos - Bald Eagle Spotted Atop Lutgert Hall
December 16, 2011: Dr. Shelton Weeks comments on Canadian buyers of local real estate
December 7, 2011: Dr. Dean Stansel discusses economic freedom in Florida / audio link
November 29, 2011: Dr. Dean Stansel discusses impact of casinos on communities
September 20, 2011: Results of First Annual Meet and Greet Event
September 4, 2011: Dr. Dean Stansel quoted in San Francisco Chronicle Story
September 2, 2011: Regional Business Journal Highlights LCOB Economics Faculty
July 13, 2011: Commentary on Property Rights Research by Econ Faculty Member Dr. Carrie Kerekes
July 2011: Dr. Dean Stansel Speaks at Washington, D.C. Tax Policy Event
July 1, 2011: LCOB's Dr. Gary Jackson Comments on SWFL Census data
June 15, 2011: Video - US Senator Bill Nelson Speaks in Support of the FGCU SBDC
April 19, 2011: Summer 2011 Graduate Business Programs Announced
March 25, 2011: Atlanta Federal Reserve President Speaks at FGCU
March 25, 2011: Flood Zone Revisions and Economic Loss: The Story Behind a Published Article
March 22, 2011: Real Estate Investment Group Awards Scholarships to LCOB Students
March 20, 2011: Visiting Economist Lecture: Sweatshops Cast in Another Light
March 2011: A Visionary Departs - Interview with Dean Pegnetter as He Retires
February 12, 2011: Business Ethics Story: Ties to LCOB Ethics Institute
January 21, 2011: Newspaper Editorial Praises Dean Pegnetter
January 18, 2011: FGCU's First and Only Dean of Business Retires
January 17, 2011: Retiring Dean Pegnetter is Proud of His Creation
January 11, 2011: Dr. Shelton Weeks Addresses Real Estate Investment Group
December 12, 2010: Dean Pegnetter Speaks at Fall Commencement
October 28, 2010: Annual W. Thomas Howard Lecture is Held
                              More About the Lecture Series
                              More About Lecture 2010 - With Photos
September 3, 2010: Grants Awarded to the College
June 11, 2010: Grants Awarded to the College
May 14, 2010: LCOB Economic Study of Lee Memorial Health System
March 15, 2010: Dr. Howard Finch Moderates Investment Forum
March 11, 2010: Grants Awarded to the College
February 5, 2010: Grant Will Support SBDC Operations
January 31, 2010: SBDC's Monthly Workshops Help Entrepreneurs
January 10, 2010: SBDC's Dan Telep helps clients win government contracts
December 29, 2009: Real Estate Investment Society has ties to LCOB
October 23, 2009: LCOB Named Again on Princeton Review Best B-Schools List
October 20, 2009: Small Business Resource Network - Resource for Local Professionals
October 15, 2009: Marketing Professor's Knowledge of Soccer Leads to Book
May 14, 2009: Small Business Development Center Hires Consultants  
October 31, 2008: News Reports of Lutgert Hall Grand Opening 
October 21, 2008: Dr. Brad Hobbs Appointed to Professorship in Free Enterprise 
October 19, 2008: Naples Daily News Highlights Lutgert Hall in Story and Photos 
October 15, 2008: Dean Pegnetter's Portrait Unveiled - Photos from Ceremony 
October 10, 2008: Princeton Review Features LCOB in Best Business Schools Listing 
September 17, 2008: Julio Estremera of FGCU's SBDC Receives Top State Honor 
September 4, 2008: Small Business Development Center Moves to Campus 
July 14, 2008: LCOB Lights Up International Radar 
July 1, 2008: President Bradshaw comments on LCOB and SBDC