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PGA Golf Management

PGA Golf Management

Tuition, Fees, & Financial Assistance


Tuition and Fees

Information on Tuition, Fees and estimated total Cost of Attendance is available on the Office of the Bursar web site.

Financial Aid Opportunities

Visit FGCU's Financial Aid web site for information about grants, additional scholarships, loans, and student employment.

PGM Specific Fees 

FGCU Program Fee (charged annually to each cohort) - Call for information

• Includes golf course access to host facilities, Swing Performance Lab and Golf Club Alteration lab access and PGA Student Affiliate Fee 


COST (2016-2017)


Qualifying Level Portal Access


1st Semester

Qualifying Level Test


1st Semester

Level 1 Portal Access (Materials) 5 core topics


1st Semester

Level 1 Testing - (5 tests @ $60.00)

$300.00 (spread out)   

1st/2nd/3rd Semesters

Level 1 Seminar - Game/Industry - 3 days


3rd Semester

Level 2 Portal Access (Materials) 4 core topics


4th Semester

Level 2 Testing - (4 tests @ $60.00)

$240.00 (spread out)   

4th/5th Semesters

Level 2 Seminar - Game/Industry - 3 days


5th Semester

Level 3 Portal Access (Materials) 4 core topics


7th Semester

Level 3 Testing/Final Experience - (4 tests @ $60.00)   


7th Semester

Level 3 Seminar - Game/Industry - 3 days


7th Semester

TOTAL (Over program upon completion)



Retake Fees – All retakes will be administered by a secure testing facility or on campus.

On Campus Re-takes: $75.00 / by special arrangement