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Lutgert College of Business

Lutgert College of Business

LCOB Course Syllabi - Summer 2013


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All courses for the term are listed below.
As each syllabus is furnished by the instructor, the link will be added to the respective CRN.



Course Title CRN Instructor
ACG 2021 Intro to Financial Accounting 50047 Wright, G. 
ACG 2021 Intro to Financial Accounting 50048 Acheampong, D. 
ACG 2071 Intro to Managerial Accounting 50049 Valencia, A.
ACG 2071 Intro to Managerial Accounting 50050 Conrecode, J.
ACG 3103 Intermediate Fin. Acctg. I 50051 Burgess, D. 
ACG 6075 Managerial Accounting 50052 Benford, T.
ACG 6205 Advanced Accounting 50053 Volkan, A. 
BUL 3130 Legal & Ethical Enviro of Bus 50524 Hudgins, T. 
TAX 4011 Federal Tax Accounting II 50054 Cecil, H. 
TAX 6525 International Tax Issues 50055 REDACTED
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Information Systems / Operations Management

Course Title CRN Instructor
CGS 1100 Computer Software & Technology 50056 Hoyt, E. 
CGS 1100 Computer Software & Technology 50057 Spence, D. 
ISM 3011 Information Systems 50058 Jiang, Y. 
ISM 3011 Information Systems 50059 Pendergast, M. 
ISM 3011 Information Systems 50060 Zhao, F. 
QMB 6603 Quantitative Methods in Bus 50061 Kirche, E. 
TRA 3151 Operations Management 50062 Collier, D. 
TRA 3151 Operations Management 50063 Fandel, D. 
TRA 6158 Operations Management 50064 Yazici, H. 
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Economics / Finance

Course Title CRN Instructor
ECO 1000 Survey of Economics 50475 Sweeney, C. 
ECO 2013 Princ of Macro Economics 50038 Kerekes, C. 
ECO 2023 Princ of Micro Economics 50039 Stansel, D. 
ECO 2023 Princ of Micro Economics 50040 Swaleheen, M. 
ECO 5005 Foundations of Economics 50042 Hobbs, B. 
ECP 3905 DirIndStdy - ExchPrg to Audencia 50579 Kerekes, C.
ECP 3930 ST: Constitutional Pol Econ 50041 Wenzel, N. 
FIN 3403 Business Finance 50043 Scheff, S. 
FIN 3403 Business Finance 50044 Jones, T. 
FIN 3403 Business Finance 50045 Perretti, G. 
FIN 5405 Foundation of Business Finance 50046 Fraser, S.
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Course Title CRN Instructor
GEB 1011 Introduction to Business 50019 Lennertz, R. 
GEB 4890 Business Strategy 50021 Rubens, A. 
GEB 4890 Business Strategy 50022 Krome, M. 
GEB 4890 Business Strategy 50023 Leah, J. 
MAN 3025 Principles of Management 50024 Andert, D. 
MAN 3600 International Business 50025 Rottig, D. 
MAN 4143 Leadership 50026 Mathews, C. 
MAN 4441 Negotiation 50027 Renard, M. 
MAN 6266 The Challenge of Leadership 50028 Drew, S. 
MAN 6266 The Challenge of Leadership 50569 East, J. 
MAN 6305 Human Resource Management 50029 Schoenfeld, G. 
SPM 3004 Principles of Sports Mgt 50030 Platt, A. 
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Course Title CRN Instructor
ADV 3008 Principles of Advertising 50031 Stern, N. 
MAR 3023 Introduction to Marketing 50032 Komar, M. 
MAR 3235 Social Media Marketing 50033 Wells, L. 
MAR 3503 Consumer Behavior 50034 Aboulnasr, K. 
MAR 4613 Marketing Research 50035 Case, F. 
MAR 4841 Services Marketing 50036 Stern, N. 
MAR 6807 Adv Market Analysis & Strategy 50037 Haytko, D. 
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Resort and Hospitality Management

Course Title CRN Instructor
FSS 3338C Introduction to F&B Management 50491 Werder. K. 
HFT 1000 Intro to Hospitality/Tourism 50485 Carbone, P. 
HFT 3003 Intro Resort,Hosp &Tourism Mgt 50504 Alexakis, G. 
HFT 3204 Spa Operations & Management 50486 Jones, H. 
HFT 3221 Mgmt Resort Hosp Human Resourc 50535 Lee, S. 
HFT 3407 Resort & Hosp Mgmt Accounting 50487 Albeit, R. 
HFT 3471 Event Operations/Financial Mgt 50488 Golden-Romero, P. 
HFT 3573 R&H Marketing 50489 Seigel, B. 
HFT 3670 R&H Law,Legal Issues&Risk Mgmt 50490 Taylor, M. 
HFT 4342 Resort & Rec Facilities Mgt. 50493 Wisnom, M. 
HFT 4408 RHM Budgeting & Finance 50494 Ramdeen, C. 
HFT 4866 Wine Merchandising,Taste &Tech 50496 Hudgins, T. 
HFT 4944 RHM Field Experience 50495 McGurk, J. 
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PGA Golf Management

Course Title CRN Instructor
HFT 4945 R & H Internship 50065 Hall, M. 
HFT 4945 R & H Internship 50066 Hall, M.