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Step 2 - How Service-Learning Works at FGCU

At the current time, undergraduate students complete an hour-based service-learning graduation requirement based on a student's classification when entering FGCU:
  • Students entering as freshmen or sophomores complete a total of 80 service hours before graduation.
  • Students transferring into degree programs as juniors and seniors complete 40 service hours prior to graduation.

Service-learning experiences:

  • Must be with a not-for-profit entity and done without pay.
  • May meet one or more University undergraduate student learning goals and outcomes. 
  • May also meet college and program outcomes and may be required to do so for service-learning courses.

A student enrolled in a service-learning course follows directions from the faculty member teaching the course in planning a service-learning experience for that course.

Choose a service-learning opportunity:

  • By visiting the EaglesConnect web site.  Students can browse the entire list of service opportunities or sort the list based on their interests and desired locations.
  • By selecting from options offered in service-learning courses.
  • By proposing and planning service-learning experiences for themselves.
  • By participating in group activities planned by the EaglesConnect Leadership Board or other student organization.

Activities must be pre-approved by the Office of Service-Learning staff (web listings are already approved) or the faculty member teaching a service-learning course to apply to the cumulative service-learning hour requirement. 

Hours are documented using Agreement and Verifications forms. Normally, one form is submitted for each service-learning site. The exception is when a site is used one semester for a service-learning course and for independent service-learning the next semester. In this case, two forms will be submitted, one for the course and one for the independent hours.

Hours are detailed on co-curricular transcripts.  Co-curricular transcripts are useful in preparing portfolios and are generated by student request to the Office of Service-Learning. Final academic transcripts note the service-learning requirement has been met.

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