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Island Coast AIDS Network , Inc. (ICAN)

County: Hendry, Collier, Lee, Glades, Other
Categories Computer/Technology
Marketing/PR/Event Planning
Adult Care
Social Services

ICAN is a charitable, not-for-profit agency offering case management and social services to People Living with HIV and/or AIDS, educational services to the public, training for public and private groups, and outreach programs for target populations at risk – including Women of Color (The SISTA Project), Men of Color (Project SOUL), Youth, and the Gay Community.

Job Description:

Buddy Program: Clients of ICAN are matched up with volunteer "Buddies" who visit with the client regularly to provide social interaction and help with basic needs depending on the client (help with shopping, recreational outings, reading, cooking, etc.). Buddies are required to complete HIV/AIDS education and confidentiality issues training before they may be placed on the list to be matched up with a client. Anyone can be a member of the ICAN Buddy Program but it's especially good for students of Social Work, Health Care, Education or Psychology. Buddies report to the agency's Volunteer Coordinator and the client's individual Case Manager. Client Food Pantry: Clients receive food and basic toiletries twice monthly from the ICAN food pantry, which disburses over 11,000 lbs of food each month (and growing!). Pantry volunteers are needed Tuesday through Friday. The pantry is open Wed-Fri, 10am to 3pm. Due to the training required for pantry volunteers we prefer a longer-term commitment from individuals who wish to volunteer in the food pantry. This is a physical job...requiring frequent lifting (20-30 lbs) and bending. In addition to receiving, sorting, packaging and distributing food, pantry volunteers may be asked to do public speaking to solicit new sources of donations - especially high protein foods which are vital to our clients and hard to come by. Volunteers report to the agency's Food Pantry Coordinator and the Volunteer Coordinator. HIV/AIDS Education, Prevention and Outreach Programs: Volunteers work with agency staff as needed. Volunteers with appropriate training/background may assist with and/or do public speaking/give presentations on HIV/AIDS education and prevention to civic organizations, community events, businesses, other non-profits, schools/college/university groups and classes. Men and women of color are especially encouraged to volunteer in the agency's minority outreach education programs (SISTA - women) and (SOUL - men). Outreach volunteering may include going to minority communities working with the SISTA and SOUL projects, providing educational pamphlets, magazines and other materials to individuals, distributing condoms and referring individuals for HIV/STD testing and counseling. ICAN is also developing a new outreach education program for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. These programs are for the individuals who want a truly "hands-on, in the trenches" volunteer experience in the community-combating the spread of HIV/AIDS. Volunteers report to the agency's Director of HIV/AIDS Education, Prevention and Research and the Volunteer Coordinator. Volunteer Recruitment and Coordination: We are in the process of forming a Volunteer Committee whose goals include aggressively recruiting other volunteers, planning and coordinating fundraisers and other volunteer programs. These Volunteers are the marketers, the advertisers, the people who are passionate about volunteerism and can ignite that passion in others. Party planners would feel right at home working on fundraising events and projects – all designed to support People Living with HIV and/or AIDS. Volunteers report to the agency’s Volunteer Coordinator. Clerical Assistance and Reception: Volunteers with office skills are always needed for clerical support. The ICAN reception desk requires staffing Monday thru Friday from 9am till 5pm with a 1-hour lunch break from 12pm to 1pm. Reception volunteers can work the morning or evening shift or a full day. Little telephone work is required in this job. Volunteers report to the agency's Asst. Business Manager and the Volunteer Coordinator. ICAN Campus Maintenance and Gardening: Volunteers are needed for occasional tasks and special projects such as painting, window washing, moving and/or assembling office equipment and furniture, litter removal and gardening projects. Volunteers report to the agency's Asst. Business Manager and the Volunteer Coordinator. Special Projects: Occasionally special projects come up that require extra hands or special skills to complete. Examples might involve web design, graphics design, designing publications, building a parade float, etc. Volunteers report to the agency’s Volunteer Coordinator. Fundraising Assistance: Fundraising events require lots of extra help for everything from set-up/clean-up, data entry, mailings, bartending, ticket sales, decorating, cooking, waiting tables, organizing talent, providing talent, creating and distributing flyers, posters, etc. Fundraisers are great occasional ways to volunteer. Volunteers report to the agency’s Project Chairperson and the Volunteer Coordinator.

Times of Work: Weekdays daytime, Weekdays evenings, Weekends daytime, Weekends evenings
Primary Contact: Mr. Mitch Haley
2231 McGregor Boulevard
Fort Myers, FL 33901
Fax: (239) 337-7549
Phone: (239) 337-2391 211
Secondary Contact: Pat Myers
Worker's Comp for Volunteers?: N
Benefits Offered:

Letter of recommendation to future employer. (Must be requested).

Additional Information:


All individuals must complete a written volunteer application, be interviewed, and complete appropriate training as required by placement. Volunteers are placed by the Volunteer Coordinator. All Volunteers must sign a Confidentiality Agreement in accordance with Federal and Florida Statutes as well as a Liability Waiver. Volunteers under the age of 18 must have signed consent from their parent(s). Island Coast AIDS Network is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on age, disability, gender or gender identity, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Secondary contact email:

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