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Florida Friendly Yards in San Carlos Park

County: Lee
Categories Computer/Technology
Marketing/PR/Event Planning
Details: Florida Friendly Yards in San Carlos Park neighborhood
Job Description: The goal of this project is to actively engage homeowners within the San Carlos Park community to implement Florida Friendly Landscaping techniques in order to improve stormwater quality through reduction of nutrient runoff, reduce water consumption by irrigation and increase wildlife habitat in the residential yards. This project will target homeowners with older yards planted in the “traditional” manner of turf coverage. Through hands-on experiential workshops, homeowners will be exposed to the principles of Florida Friendly Landscaping. Homeowners will participate in the design and planting of demonstration yards and will subsequently design and plant a Florida Friendly Landscape for their own yard.
Times of Work: Weekdays daytime, Weekends daytime, Weekdays evenings, Weekends evenings
Primary Contact: Ms. Sue Scott
Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program
1926 Victoria Avenue
Fort Myers, FL 33901
Fax: 239-338-2560
Phone: 338-2556 234
Secondary Contact: Lisa Donley
Phone: 239 590 7211 240
Worker's Comp for Volunteers?: N
Additional Information: A variety of opportunities exist- for various majors and careers including marketing, advertising, environmental education etc. With assistance from the San Carlos Park Civic Association, Rotary Club, Public Service Announcements on Lee County cable television, and word of mouth, project participants will be recruited from the San Carlos Park community. The project is comprised of a series of experiential learning workshops for homeowners in the San Carlos Park community about Florida Friendly Landscaping. In each workshop series the participants will be introduced to the concept of Florida Friendly Landscaping, produce a landscape design for their own yard, assist as a group in installing an additional demonstration Florida Friendly Landscape on a yard in the community and finally receive materials, plants and volunteer assistance to implement the Florida Friendly Landscape they designed for their yard. The workshops will take homeowners through the steps needed to transform a yard dominated by lawn into one featuring beautiful beds with Florida-friendly plants and Florida native plants that require little or no fertilizer or irrigation. In addition, participants will be introduced to features like micro-irrigation, compost bins, and rain barrels that make a yard environmentally friendly. The workshops will utilize materials already developed by partners: the Friends of Matanzas Pass video about native plants in coastal areas, Florida Yards and Neighborhoods handbook, “A Guide to Florida-Friendly Landscaping,” the Southwest Florida Water Management District’s “Rain Barrels, a homeowner’s guide” webtools from the Florida Friendly Landscaping website (, and materials developed by the City of Cape Coral for its FYN introduction class and Design Class. Prior to the conduct of the initial workshop, a demonstration yard will be installed at the workshop location with signage explaining Florida Friendly Landscape principles. By the end of the project, it is anticipated that there will be at minimum 4 demonstration yards with interpretative signage explaining the installation and benefits of Florida Friendly landscaping in the yard.

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