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Lee County Department of Human Services Accountability Board

County: Lee
Categories Youth
Social Services

Youth who have committed a crime, and have been assessed by the Department of Juvenile Justice and approved by the State Attorney''s Office, have an opportunity to participate in a diversion program. The program works with youth who committed non-violent crimes such as theft, criminal mischief, drug related charges, resisiting without violence, and burglary. The youth and their parent/guardian come before the victim of the crime (if applicable)and a board comprised of volunteers to discuss the crime in detail, who is harmed and affected by the crime and what is the best way to repair the harm.

Job Description:

The Accountability Board Members (Volunteers) conduct a Restorative Justice Conference, reviewing the accounts of the crime/harm committed and what needs to be done to repair the harm. Process of a NAB conference 1. The youth will tells his/her story of the offense 2. Victim(s) and neighborhood tell how the offense affected them 3. Members (including volunteers) formulate a case plan that addresses the harm 4. Case plans are developed based on: a. the needs of the victim b. the strengths and assets of the youth Members of the community are volunteers who live and/or work in Lee County. Volunteers are required to attend a one (1) day training and observe two (2) conferences prior to sitting on the boards. All volunteers submit an application and go through a background check by the State Attorney''s Office; The Judge appoints approved members to the boards. The volunteers come to the table to represent the community and are not paid program employees. They are a third party that comes to the table with an open mind.

Times of Work: Weekdays daytime, Weekdays evenings
Primary Contact: Accountability Board
2440 Thompson Street
Ft . Myers, FL 33901
Fax: 239-533-7960
Phone: 239-533-7930
Worker's Comp for Volunteers?: N
Benefits Offered:

Annual volunteer appreciation event, coupons or discounts given from local businesses

Additional Information:

This is the perfect opportunity to gain experience and knowledge particulary for students who are majoring in Human Services/Social Work, Criminal Justice,or Education. Also beneficial for anyone who is interested in getting involved in repairing harm caused by youth who commit crimes. Make an impact on a kid''s life!

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