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Everglades National Park

County: Collier, Other
Categories Computer/Technology
Details: <p>Everglades National Park encompasses a wide variety of subtropical ecosystems. The vast river of sawgrass is interspersed by Slash Pine forest, Cypress swamp and islands of tropical hardwood trees or hammocks. A dense tangle of Mangrove trees line the western and southern periphery of the park, beyond which lie 1000s of Mangrove islands. Join the National Park Service Volunteers-In-Parks Program. You'll meet people from around the world, learn new skills and become intimately familiar with the plants, animals and ecosystems of the Everglades.</p>
Job Description: <p>Visitor Services: Share your interest and passion for the natural environment with visitors from around the world. Orient visitors to park activities at the visitor center, present guided walks and talks, co-lead canoe excursions and provide visitors with assistance and information while "roving" trails by foot. Maintain a Butterfly Garden: Assist rangers with an on-going project to provide suitable habitat for an endangered butterfly species, the Atala Blue Butterfly. Recently park volunteers and employees planted a garden of native plant species with the hope of increasing butterfly habitat and, in-turn, butterfly diversity and abundance. Help maintain the butterfly garden by planting additional plant species, weeding and watering. Come out once a month with a group of friends who are also seeking volunteer opportunities! Computer Related Positions: A variety of computer related positions are often available, including website design and layout. Ground and Trail Upkeep: Help maintain popular park trails by trimming back vegetation and carrying out trailside clean-ups. To learn more about these, and other volunteer opportunities, contact the Volunteer Coordinator listed below.</p>
Times of Work: Weekdays daytime, Weekends daytime
Primary Contact: Kevin Bowles Mohr
40001 State Rd. 9336
Homestead, FL 33034-6733
Phone: 305-242-7752
Email: kevin_bowles_mohr@nps.gvo
Secondary Contact: Cerisa Swanberg
Phone: 305-242-7040
Worker's Comp for Volunteers?: N
Benefits Offered: <p>Volunteer uniform and entrance pass. Often jobs provide on the job training and a variety of learning experiences. Some full-time volunteer positions include housing.</p>
Additional Information: <p>We have a few options for volunteer opportunities. You can be put onto an email list in which we send out announcements for special events needing groups of volunteers; this might include trash clean ups, removing invasive species of plants, clearing trails, painting parking lines, etc. For these events, you can bring along a friend or your entire family! The second option is to volunteer on a more regular basis such as 3 hours a week, every other Saturday, once a month, etc. You may want to participate in both options and that is great!</p>

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