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Lucky Parrots Shelter

County: Collier
Categories Animals

Lucky Parrot is a rescue shelter for abused, neglected, or otherwise unwanted birds. Many people buy parrots without understand the maintenance and attention they require, and there is a flood of unwanted birds. We do not adopt out, but provide a permanent home and a "flock" for them to be a part of. We currently house forty parrots, including Macaws, African Greys, Amazons, and Conures,who live in outdoor aviaries.

Job Description:

Assisting with fundraising efforts, graphic design, creating promotional materials, constructio,landscaping, and others.

Times of Work: Weekdays daytime, Weekdays evenings, Weekends daytime, Weekends evenings
Primary Contact: Ethel Buchbinder
FT MYERS, FL 33965
Phone: (239) 348-1991
Secondary Contact: Amy Towne
Phone: (239) 590-7376
Worker's Comp for Volunteers?: N

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