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Reach for the Stars Foundation

County: Lee, Other
Categories FGCU Campus
Marketing/PR/Event Planning

The Reach for the Stars Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit foundation dedicated to provideding services and support to individuals and families struggling with Cystic Fibrosis. The priorities of the Foundation are advocacy, education and assistance in ensuring patient and family compliance with individual treatment plans.  The Foundation is operated through an independent Board of Directors and is committed to bridging the gap between living with CF and finding the cure

Job Description:

Most responsibilities for people in Lee County are situated in event planning and fund raising. Prior to events, assistance is needed in logistical planning as well as in PR/Community outreaching. We are also in need of people to initiate event ideas and follow through on organizing such events. Further, assistance in attaining sponsorship as well as incentive based prizes is welcome. The national chapter is also currently looking for applicants with experience in web design to re-vamp our website. *All work in any of the above areas would be donated services and volunteers should not expect monetary compensation.

Times of Work: Weekdays daytime, Weekdays evenings, Weekends daytime, Weekends evenings
Primary Contact: Ms. Ellie Levy
1025 Kane Concourse
Miami, FL 33154
Phone: (954) 604-9990
Secondary Contact: Lindsay Leban
Phone: (239) 826-2948
Worker's Comp for Volunteers?: N
Additional Information:

The Reach for the Stars Foundation is currently funding the following programs to meet the special needs of the CF community:

1. Emergency Medical Treatment

The Reach for the Stars Foundation will provide financial support for travel, lodging and transportation to facilitate prompt and appropriate medical attention.

2. Therapeutic Treatments

The Reach for the Stars Foundation financial support to individuals living with CF so that they may obtain the Respiratory Therapy treatments or Nutritional Supplementation required to optimally combat this devastating disease.

3. Medication Support

The Reach for the Stars Foundation offers the most up-to-date information on medication treatment regimens and protocols and seeks to provide education and assistance to applicants in negotiating appropriate insurance support. It will additionally provide financial assistance to individuals and families struggling with the cost of much needed medications, high co-pays and out-of-pocket costs.

4. Special Needs

As we continue to Bridge the Gap between living with CF and finding a cure, the Reach for the Stars Foundation is committed to meeting the unique and unanticipated needs of our community.



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