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Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association

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The Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association (FREPA) is a Florida not-for profit organization, dedicated to advocating on behalf of all current and potential renewable energy producers with an interest in project development in Florida. FREPA's main goal is to advocate for policy and fiscal incentives, a favorable regulatory environment, project funding, and programs that promote research and spur growth in the use of renewable energy sources in Florida. We provide current information about the energy industry, public policy and research relating to renewable energy in Florida and the nation.

Our membership is open to anyone with an interest and desire to have a voice in pursuit of our mission to diversify energy and fuel offerings in Florida. With a robust agricultural community and positive weather conditions, Florida is ideal to lead in renewable energy crop production for biofuels. This is also a great state for the production of solar energy, woody energy and other forms of biomass. Technologies continue to be refined and Florida is on the cutting edge with some of its current programs. We concur with former Commissioner Charles Bronson and current Commissioner Adam Putnam of the Florida Department of Agriculture, when they say Florida could have 25 percent of its energy be from renewable sources by the year 2025.

Job Description:

Our organization (FREPA) has its annual Sunshine State Renewable Energy Expo and Symposium, which is a statewide event at Sanibel/ Captiva Island each summer and we need student volunteers to register attendees, attend event sessions and be available for service to attendees. We also hold quarterly events throughout Florida and will have some in the Ft. Myers region from time to time and will need help

Times of Work: Weekdays evenings, Weekends daytime
Primary Contact: Mr. Michael Dobson
4005 Brandon Hill Dr
Tallahassee, FL 32309
Fax: (708) 778-8864
Phone: (850) 363-4122
Alt Phone: (850) 765-0097
Secondary Contact: Cynthia Craig
Phone: (850) 765-0097
Worker's Comp for Volunteers?: Y
Benefits Offered:

Free attendee passes, meals and annual membership info the RFlorida Renewable Energy producers Association

Additional Information:

As volunteers you will become student members of the largest and most active cleantech and renewable energy trade group in Florida

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