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Creative Resources Works, Inc. (CRWI)

County: Lee
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Creative Resources Works, Inc's (CRWI) mission is to provide supportive transportation resources to build and strengthen disadvantaged families through intergenerational services. We define disadvantaged as low-income, disabled and elderly individuals. Our founding strategy is to provide access:


1) to job related activities (employment, job search, education and training); and


2) to life-sustaining activities (such as but not limited to medical, banking and other social activities) for the elderly and disabled.


Transportation is provided within the boundaries of Charleston Park, Alva, and Lehigh Acres areas.


Job Description:

1) To assist to develop and implement marketing and public relation plan for a major event.  The plan will identify performance measurement strategies.


2) To produce a historical transportation documentary across the generations as seen through the eyes of others. 


3) To assist to develop a program to streamline the transportation route scheduling process


4) Accounting project: Examine an efficient method of calculating the various trip rates.


Times of Work: Weekdays daytime, Weekdays evenings, Weekends daytime, Weekends evenings
Primary Contact: Ms. Priscilla Hardaway
2219 Joel Boulevard
Alva, FL 33920
Phone: (239) 728-2036
Worker's Comp for Volunteers?: N
Benefits Offered:

1) Opportunity to experience the operations of and interact with the governmental aspects of public transportation.


2) Free admissions to any events subsequent to student's participation.


3) Opportunity for extended relationship beyond the service-learning experience.


4) Opportunity to publish findings

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