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Environmental Health and Safety

Service Learning Opportunities


service learning opportunities

Ongoing Events:

Environmental Health & Safety frequently partners with other departments and offices to support major service opportunities.  The interdepartmental sustainability calendar is the best place to find out about upcoming events and learn how to register.  Please check it regularly to stay up to date!  


Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.

FGCU has several sustainability-themed geocaches hidden around our campus.  Earn Service Learning hours by maintaining and updating the existing geocaches. This entails checking the caches to ensure they are in the appropriate locations, keeping the logs in order, and monitoring web activity. This project requires a student that can work independently and has access to a smart phone.  The student must also be able to work outdoors, walk on uneven terrain, stoop, and kneel.  Geocaching enthusiast preferred!

Computer/Technology, Education, Environment, FGCU Campus


Maintain our department’s Dual-Batch Compost Tumbler so that we can increase one of earth’s most precious resources: healthy soil.

An odor-free compost heap requires a nitrogen to carbon ratio of about 30:1.  Materials high in nitrogen are called “green” and include items such as food scraps, coffee grounds, grass clippings, etc.  Carbon-rich, or “brown”, materials include dried leaves, shredded hay, sawdust, twigs, shredded newspaper, nut shells, pine needles, and corn stalks. The ideal compost heap would contain similar inputs as shown in this pyramid.

  compost C:N ratioImage courtesy of Riverpark Farm at Alexandria Center, NY

Most home gardeners combine two parts of brown materials with one part green materials, but some prefer a one to one ratio depending on the specific C:N rations of the individual ingredients going into the compost.  

For this service learning project your responsibilities include:

You may earn more hours by taking on the following compost-related tasks:

  • Create videos, guidebooks, and reference sheets for future students.
  • Use the Klickitat County’s Compost Mix Calculator to better estimate the C:N based on our inputs and make reconditions to improve our current mix of inputs. 

Environment, FGCU Campus

Sustainable Transportation Outreach Ambassador

FGCU has many programs that aim to reduce the amount of single-occupancy car trips to campus. Help promote things like biking, ride sharing, carpooling, car sharing, and taking public transit be encouraging people on campus to take advantage of Ride2FGCU, Zipcar, LeeTran, and South Florida Commuter Services

  • Tabling at events throughout the semester
  • Update campus kiosks and distribute educational materials
  • Promote Ride2FGCU’s Single Trip Matching feature before long weekends and breaks
  • Write regular newsletters to keep users active and engaged
  • Create videos about using sustainable forms of transportation

Marketing, Environment, FGCU Campus

Sustainability Event Logistics & Marketing Assistant

The best ways to learn about upcoming sustainability happenings that offer service learning is to view the ECOFGCU Sustainability Events Calendar.  Sustainability is an interdepartmental effort and sustainability events across our campus are coordinated through the centralized calendar.

Contact the person listed in the event details on the calendar to get involved.  We often need assistance with the following:

  • Event preparation and planning
  • Marketing end event promotion
  • Volunteers to manage tables or and facilitate logistics and run event activities
  • Writers to cover events and write press releases.

In addition to the Sustainability Calendar, be sure to follow our social media outlets for the most current information. 

Marketing/PR & Event Planning, Education, Environment, FGCU Campus

Arts & Design

We are always looking for creative people to help with the following projects: 

  • Design event flyers
  • Design a multi-modal campus map (Must be proficient in and have access to the Adobe Creative Suite)
  • Paint signs for advertising and event displays
  • Create upcycled crafts and DIY giveaways for Earth Day and the Green Eagle Festival
  • Design a new Ride2FGCU brochure
  • Lay out finished reports in Publisher or InDesgin so that they are visually pleasing to read.

Arts, Marketing/PR & Event Planning, Education, Environment, FGCU Campus

Sustainability Reporting

Environment, FGCU Campus, Computer/Technology