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Office of Equity and Diversity

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Mr. Jimmy Myers

Maureen Jenny

Linda Cento

Office of Equity and Diversity
Florida Gulf Coast University
Ben Hill Griffin Hall, Suite 154
10501 FGCU Boulevard, South
Fort Myers, Florida 33965-6565

Phone: 239-590-1297 or TTY: 711
Fax: 239-590-7407

Our Role and Staff


Role | Staff


The Office of Equity and Diversity, which is a unit of the Office of the President, supports FGCU’s vision, mission and strategic plan through the following functions:

Analysis and Reporting
Develops and distributes the University’s Affirmative Action Plan (AAP), the Florida Equity Report, and periodic updates regarding diversity and inclusion.

Awareness and Training
Conducts/facilitates internal/external training and awareness sessions, seminars, roundtable discussions, tours, conferences and forums that impact equity, compliance and diversity; Ensures posting/distribution of non-discrimination statement and related information.

Committee Management
Oversees functions of the following committees: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Advisory Committee EEO-Diversity Advisory Committee Gender Equity-Title IX Advisory Committee Grant-in-Aid Educational Leave Advisory Committee Leadership Diversity Advisory Committee.

Complaint Handling and Conflict Resolution
Handles internal/external and formal/informal discrimination complaints, and other complaints forwarded by the University President, Provost and Vice Presidents.

Diversity-Inclusion Recruitment
Enhances the University’s ability to attract, develop and retain diverse and key faculty and staff throughout all levels of the University; supports and assists with developing strategic approaches for student, and supplier, diversity.

Equal Employment Opportunity Certifications For Grants
Completes compliance and equal opportunity certification requests for grant applications.

Employment Opportunity Impact Statements
Verifies the extent of diversity and inclusion and related impact for new degree programs, terminations of degree programs, limited access status for undergraduate degree programs, institutional reorganization/restructuring; establishment of a new, permanent location for instruction; and recommending university policy changes or development concerning admissions, continuation, and graduation.

Liaison With Compliance Agencies for Audits/Surveys
Facilitates/coordinates audit processes conducted by regulatory agencies responsible for discrimination compliance matters.

Conveys the University’s message throughout the Southwest Florida community to enhance diversity and inclusion among students, faculty, staff, vendors and any other constituent group.

Policy Analysis and Development
Monitors, evaluates, and reviews for relevancy, completeness, and implementation, policies, processes and procedures regarding equity and compliance and employment-related actions; recommends changes as required.

Waivers of Advertisement
Authorizes waivers that meet a compelling interest or need of the University when filling job vacancies and making multiple-year faculty appointments.



Jimmy Myers, Director

Maureen Jenny, Regulatory Compliance Coordinator

Linda Cento, Coordinator


Office of Equity and Diversity
Florida Gulf Coast University
Ben Hill Griffin Hall 154
10501 FGCU Boulevard, South
Fort Myers, Florida 33965-6565

Telephone: 239-590-1297 or TTY: 711
Fax: 239-590-7407