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FGCU Faculty Senate

Senate Planning & Budget Advisory Committee


The SPBAC is an affiliated committee of the Faculty Senate. The membership of the SPBAC consists of all in-unit faculty appointed by the President to represent faculty on the Planning and Budget Council (PBC) and its affiliated committees. The facilitator of the SPBAC will be elected by members at the committee’s first meeting of the academic year and serves as a member of the Senate Leadership Team.

The membership of the SPBAC represents the voice and interests of the faculty in institutional planning and budgeting as carried out by the Planning and Budget Council and its affiliated committees (Budget; Safety and Facilities; Enrollment/Retention Management; Environmental Sustainability; Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness). The primary charge of the SPBAC is to provide input to the PBC process that will help ensure budgets and processes that support the mission and focus of the University and ensure the preservation of quality instruction. The SPBAC shall be responsible for:

  • Coordinating regular communication and consultation between its members and the Faculty Senate and Faculty Senate Leadership Team;
  • Contacting and consulting with relevant Standing Teams of the Faculty Senate for input, feedback, or other comment when deemed necessary or prudent on issues associated with the University planning and budgeting processes.
  • Identifying from within its membership alternates for fellow members when they are unable to attend requisite meetings of the PBC and/or its affiliated committees.


Shawn Felton Planning and Budget Council. Budget Committee, Strategic Planning
Arie Van duijn Planning and Budget Council
Halcyon St. Hill CHAIR - Planning and Budget Council
billY Gunnels Planning and Budget Council
Beth Elliott Planning and Budget Council, Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee, Strategic Planning
Tom Felke Budget Committee
Serge Thomas Budget Committee
Jenna Enomoto Safety and Facilities Committee
Sue Henshon Safety and Facilities Committee
Gerry Segal

Environmental Sustainability Committee

Hulya Yazici Environmental Sustainability Committee
Ken Watanabe                  Information Resources Committee
Jo Stetcher Enrollment and Retention Committee


SPBAC Procedural Guidelines