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Why I give back to FGCU ...

"I sincerely believe that an investment in our University is the best investment one can make in the future of Southwest Florida. The energy and dedication of our faculty and staff provide a stimulating environment for research and an exciting environment for education that I'm very proud to be part of. Whether your key issues relate to the sciences, humanities, education, health, athletics, business, sustainability or the arts, your passion is served at FGCU."
~Christine Andrews, Lutgert College of Business~

“I think higher education is very important in today’s world. Therefore, I will do what I can to help the students pursue their goal of earning a degree.”
~Starr Bannworth, Admissions~

“FGCU is not only a workplace but a community. From my perspective, it is important to contribute to our University's academic environment through the Funds for Excellence Campaign, making it a great opportunity for our faculty and staff to help make FGCU even a better place to teach and work. “
~Mario Bernardo, Library Services~

“Sharon and I are inaugural faculty. For over 10 years, FGCU has been a large part of our lives. We feel that we have played a role in building this institution, and we are proud of what the institution is doing for the community. We are not wealthy benefactors, but we hope our small gifts help students with scholarships, or help provide for programs that state funding would not allow for. We have witnessed what the Foundation money has allowed the institution to do, and we are happy to do our small part.”
~Thomas Bevins, Physical Therapy and Human Performance~

“My job is technical support in the Lutgert College of Business. The tasks are varied and challenging, but resources are always there for me when needed, and my efforts are appreciated by my faculty and staff "customers". I have enjoyed my first-hand view of FGCU's growth over the eight-plus years I have been here. For all these reasons, I am pleased to give back to FGCU, and especially the College of Business, with my financial support.”
~ Jim Breitbach, Lutgert College of Business~

“I believe that education is the foundation for having a good life. I know that I have gained so much in life by being a first generation college graduate. I see how much my children are achieving by having a higher education degree. By contributing to the Funds for Excellence annual giving campaign, I feel that I am giving back to the community and assisting those who work so hard to advance education so that others may enjoy the rewards of having a good life.”
~Susan Cameron, Student Affairs~

“Being employed at the University for the last 12 years I have witnessed the growth and positive impact it has had on the surrounding communities. I am very proud to be a part of this fine institution and gladly support it through my donations to the Foundation.”
~Carol DeLuccia, Advancement~

“I'd only been on the job at FGCU for three days when I was asked to contribute to the Funds for Excellence. I was happy to give, however, because I believe in the University's mission to meet community needs and train tomorrow's leaders. There's no way to do that without money. As a long-time resident of the region, I know what it was like to live here before there was a University. FGCU has enriched the quality of life here in so many ways. Supporting that effort is an honor.”
~Karen Feldman, Community Relations and Marketing~

“I give to the University because the funds help grow the programs that are so important to the business owners and students in our area. SW Florida is growing rapidly and there is a great need for skilled people. I feel good being able to contribute in a small way to the programs we offer here at FGCU.”
~Karen Royal, Hospitality Resort Management~

“FGCU has given me the opportunity to study thanks to the PTK scholarship and has also given me the opportunity to grow professionally. I had great mentors that helped me all along and I will always be grateful for that. “
~Tiziana Marchante, Admissions~

“St. Francis de Sales encourages us to count our blessings every day, appreciate what we have, and show gratitude often. When I count my blessings, it is only natural to share them with others. “
~Denise Heinemann, College of Health Professions~

“I will never forget how blessed I felt while floating across the stage to receive my diploma from FGCU. I was brought back to earth with a warm congratulatory hug from Steve Magiera and Dr. Joe Shepard as I exited the stage. It was at that moment that I felt compelled and honored to make an effort to give back to the University. It is with these gestures that I say thank you to fellow employees for their support to continue my education and for the professional development opportunities offered to me during my career at FGCU. Thank you FGCU.”
~Julie Heuer, Human Resources~

“I give because it is a means and an opportunity to do good. Giving to the Physical Plant Scholarship Fund is an ideal gift -- in both big and small ways — that encourages students to be thoughtful and active participants and to live out their dream of going to college.”
~Troy Kelly, Physical Plant~

“I have been employed at Florida Gulf Coast University for about five years. We have seen it grow very quickly in to a reputable university. I am very proud to be a part of its growth. With the small contributions I have made, I feel that they have been used to support a worthwhile cause and I plan to continue to do my part in the growth and development of this great institution.”
~Norm Melious, University Housing~

“I believe in giving back to society and particularly to helping others who are less fortunate. And, since giving begins at home, I give to FGCU because FGCU is home. I also firmly believe in the FGCU mission. That’s why I came to Southwest Florida! FGCU uses what we give to live that mission by investing in efforts that further excellence in education, provide access to education, and support scholarship and civic engagement. FGCU makes a difference to someone every day.”
~Halcyon St. Hill, College of Health Professions~

“I have three alma maters with endowments and heritages. FGCU is my adopted fourth. Some give of their time, others give money. I try to do both to support our students as today decides tomorrow.”
~Ludmilla Wells, Lutgert College of Business~