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Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends
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Circle of Friends
Karyn  Everham,  coordinator
Phone: 590-7031
Office Location: LIB 458H





No placements will be made in the Circle of Friends program for Fall Semester 2013.

Do you have an hour each week to give to a child? Circle of Friends (COF) partners FGCU student tutors with schools in our community. Any FGCU student can apply to be a COF tutor. You'll earn service learning hours, or if you are eligible for federal financial aid work-study funds, you can be a paid reading or mathematics tutor.                                                                                  

In the past several years, hundreds of FGCU students have been recruited, trained, and placed in local schools.  Circle of Friends tutors really make a difference. If you make this minimal commitment, YOU can make a significant impact on a child.

What tutors say: 

"As a child I had a severe speech impediment. With the help of a tutor, I was able to catch up and excel. I want to return the favor because without the help of a tutor, I probably wouldn't be in college today."

"What a lot of children need is someone to simply hold out their hand and help them. "

"The more I work with children, the more I realize the impact I'm making in their lives."

"I have grown a passion for tutoring. I love the one-on-one time with students."

Assisting     Reading    Listening                                                                                                                                                 Helping