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Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends
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Circle of Friends
Karyn  Everham,  coordinator
Phone: 590-7031
Office Location: LIB 458H




JULY 2, 2013:

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: NO applications are being taken at this time. NO new placements are being made for Fall Semester, 2013


Joining the Circle of Friends isn’t difficult. All you need is a desire to help children (or adults) and the willingness to tutor for a complete semester. Your time commitment? One hour/week tutoring and one hour/week attending an on-campus Tutor Prep session. Below are the four easy steps to getting started:


Click on the “What’s New” link on this website to learn about the many requests teachers have for tutors in the classroom. Think about what type of setting you are interested in.

Some considerations:

  • Would you like to work with young children, teens, or adults?
  • Would you like to tutor reading, or would you prefer to tutor in another subject in which you have expertise?
  • Do you need to work close to home or campus?
  • When during the day and week are you available?

Pick two or three schools on the “What’s New” page that are a good match for your interests and schedule. (Please do not contact any of them at this point.)

Complete the Tutor Application found on this website and submit it electronically, or print a copy and bring it to the Circle of Friends office at the Library - 458E.

Shout “Hey!” to me at after you’ve submitted the application. Please include the following in your e-mail:

  1. The two or three schools that are of interest to you and
  2. A photograph of yourself

Now it’s my turn

After I receive your email and application, I’ll get back to you with information about the training that you must complete in order to be a Circle of Friends tutor. Please don't worry about training! It's not complicated or difficult. There are 3 hours of pre-service training. In addition, you'll complete 60 minutes of in-service training/tutor prep on campus each week. All training hours will be credited as additional service-learning hours once you've completed the semester of tutoring.

Within a week after we meet and complete paperwork, I’ll have a placement ready for you.

Still have questions about joining? Feel free to contact me at any time.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Circle of Friends tutor.

Karyn Everham, coordinator
(239) 590-7031
LIB 458E