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Innovative Course Design Grants 2013-2014 -- Announcement of Awardees

(12/2/2013) Innovative Course Design Grants, supported by the General Education Program (GEP) and the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Initiative (TLAI), are designed to encourage faculty initiatives that enhance student learning, engagement, and success at FGCU.  This grant program is intended to fund activities above and beyond regular faculty teaching responsibilities, and to foster creativity and innovation in course design at all levels of study.  This cycle of faculty grants focused on new courses or course revisions that advance “high-impact practices.”

“High-Impact Practices” (HIPs) as described by the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U, positively impact student learning, retention, and engagement. HIPs include writing-intensive courses, undergraduate research, service learning, diversity/global learning, and capstones.  Research shows that providing students with varied, repeated, and scaffolded encounters with these practices can lead to higher levels of achievement for all students, and added benefits for some students that have historically fared less well in college.

Applications were due on November 1, 2013.  The pool of applications was competitive, and all applications were reviewed by an awards committee comprised of General Education Council members and TLAI Advisory Board members as well as the Director of General Education and the Director of TLAI.  The Office of Undergraduate Studies and Graduate Studies are sponsoring this initiative. 

It is our pleasure to announce this year’s awardees:

Lee C. Bushong, College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Justice Studies

Course: Underwater Forensic Crime Scene Investigation (new course) will incorporate collaborative assignments and projects.


Brian Bossak, College of Health Professions and Social Work, Department of Health Sciences

Course: Epidemiology (HSC 4500) will incorporate collaborative assignments and projects as well as undergraduate research.


Brandon Hollingshead and Courtney Dwyer Satkoski, College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Communication & Philosophy

Course: Humanities and Social Issues (HUM 1931) will incorporate collaborative assignments and projects as well as service learning.


Nicola Foote, College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Social & Behavioral        Sciences

Course: Animal Histories in Latin America (new course) will incorporate undergraduate research, and it will be writing intensive.


Marguerite Forest, College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Marine & Ecological Sciences

Course: North American Environments (EVR 4930) will incorporate service learning and currently features undergraduate research and collaborative assignments and projects.



Student Sucess and Engagement in the General Education Program Faculty Grants

The Office of Undergraduate Studies is pleased to announce the Student Success and Engagement (SS&E) faculty grant program. FGCU faculty members are encouraged to submit proposals for projects designed to increase student success and engagement in their general education courses. Such projects could include the incorporation of common intellectual experiences into multiple section courses, the incorporation of service-learning into a class, the development of interdisciplinary linked courses and other forms of academic learning communities. Priority consideration for the awarding of these grants is given to projects designed to lead to improvement in the engagement and retention of undergraduate students at FGCU.

2011-2012 Grant Awards


Creative Course Design Faculty Grants (2008-2011)

From 2008-2011, the Office of Curriculum and Instruction sponsored a series of Creative Course Design in General Education grants, supporting faculty initiatives designed to enhance student learning and achievement within the FGCU General Education Program. These grants were designed to fund activities above and beyond regular faculty responsibilities, and to help foster creativity and innovation in general education course design. Project proposals focusing on interdisciplinary content and/or teaching across disciplines were particularly encouraged.

2010-2011 Grant Awards

2009-2010 Grant Awards

2008-2009 Grant Awards



Related Publications, Presentations and Honors

Univeristy Team Service Excellence Award, 2012-2014 General Education Council: Eric Otto, Carolynne Gischel, Rachel Cooke, Marisa Ouverson, Chris Geiger, Greg McManus, Halcyon St. Hill, Anne-Marie Bouche, Carrie Kerekes, Kris De Welde.

Kris De Welde, Eric Otto, Carolynne Gischel, Jim Wohlpart.  "Change from Above: Transforming Curricular Change from Top-Down to Collectively Owned." AAC&U General Education and Assessment: Disruptions, Innovations, and Opportunities. Portland, OR.  March 1, 2014. (Forthcoming)

Anne Marie Bouché and Elspeth McCulloch. “High Impact Practice: First Year Seminars & Experiences Common Intellectual Experiences Learning Communities & Writing-Intensive Courses.”  FGCU Annual Conference on Student Engagement and Persistence: FGCU in Action: High Impact Practice.  January 31, 2014.

Jessica Rhea and Brandon Hollingshead. "Serving-Learning is Soaring at FGCU!" FGCU Annual Conference on Student Engagement and Persistence: FGCU in Action: High Impact Practice.  January 31, 2014.

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Rebecca Totaro, Michael McDonald, Bette Jackson, Charles Mathews, Lois Christensen, Halcyon St. Hill, Mary Ann Zager, Danielle Rosenthal, Joseph Ravelli, Carolyn Burnette, Pamela Schreiber and Kamla Kay McKenzie. "Team Faculty Service Award." Presented at the Florida Gulf Coast University Celebration of Excellence, April 21, 2006.


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