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General Education Program

Current General Education Program (Summary)



The General Education Program at FGCU consists of 36 hours that students complete by taking two to three courses in the following five areas:

Communication (6 hours)

Mathematics (6 hours)

Humanities (9 hours)

Social Sciences (6-9 hours)

Natural Sciences (6-9 hours)

Details for course options for the 2012-13 Academic Year can be found here:

Our General Education Competencies are skill sets fundamental to student academic success. The competencies are clear, nationally-recognized, and measurable skills that all university graduates should be able to demonstrate (see also:

Competency 1: Quantitative Reasoning

  • Solve mathematical problems;
  • Analyze and interpret quantitative data:
  • Summarize data into graphic and tabular formats;
  • Make valid inferences from data;
  • Distinguish between valid and invalid quantitative analysis and reasoning.

Competency 2: Written Communication

  • Employ the conventions of standard written English;
  • Select a topic, and develop it for a specific audience and purpose, with respect for diverse perspectives;
  • Organize and present relevant content with coherence, clarity, and unity;
  • Develop research skills including the ability to collect, analyze, synthesize, and accurately present and document information;
  • Use appropriate language to convey meaning effectively;
  • Apply critical reading skills.

Competency 3: Critical Thinking

  • Define an issue or problem using appropriate terminology;
  • Select, organize, and evaluate information;
  • Identify and analyze assumptions made by oneself and others;
  • Synthesize information, and draw reasoned inferences;
  • Develp and clearly state a position, taking into account all relevant points of view;
  • Formulate an informed and logical conclusion, and test it for viability.


History: Approved by General Education Council on 11/2/05; revised and approved on 4/12/11.