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General Education Program

Mission and Policy



The FGCU General Education Program helps students transition to the university experience, promotes mastery of the undergraduate student learning goals, encourages independent learning, and facilitates selection of a major. A comprehensive curriculum with a foundation in civic engagement challenges students to develop the knowledge, skills, and perspectives necessary for personal growth and success. 

Approved by the General Education Task Force on March 31, 2004.


General Education Program Policy

The General Education Program at Florida Gulf Coast University supports the FGCU mission and guiding principles by promoting academic excellence, preparing students for their majors and cultivating habits of lifelong learning. In accordance with Florida Statute Title XLVIII, Chapter 1007.25, FGCU students complete 36 credit hours of General Education coursework within the subject areas of communication, mathematics, social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences. Where applicable, courses taken to meet state common prerequisites for a program may also be used to fulfill General Education requirements.

In compliance with the State Board of Education Rule 6A-10.024, a transfer student who has successfully completed the General Education requirements for any public university or community college in Florida prior to enrolling as a degree-seeking student at FGCU, and has this completion noted on his/her official transcript, shall be considered to have satisfied the General Education requirement. All other transfer students are expected to complete the FGCU General Education Program. Transfer student transcripts will be evaluated to determine course equivalencies and fulfillment of FGCU General Education requirements.

FGCU shall accept General Education credit from Florida state universities and community colleges for courses that are designated by those institutions as General Education courses.

In accord with Florida Statute Title XLVIII, Chapter 1007.27(2) and credit-by-exam equivalencies adopted by the Florida state Articulation Coordinating Committee, for purposes of completing the requirements for General Education, Gordon Rule, or major prerequisites, credit for specific course numbers awarded by exam are treated as equivalent to credit earned in the same courses at FGCU.

All courses offered for General Education credit at FGCU must be approved by the General Education Council as part of the university curricular approval process, and shall meet the following criteria:

  1. Open to students across all majors and offered on a regular and consistent basis;
  2. Provides consistent and comparable instruction across all sections, using common course goals and learning outcomes;
  3. Purposefully addresses one of the General Education Subject Areas in the syllabi for all course sections;
  4. Provides sufficient breadth of experience for the General Education Subject Area in which it is approved and is not designated as special topics, seminars, directed study, fieldwork, practica, internships or other similar designation;
  5. Addresses one (1) or more of the General Education Competencies and is assessable in one (1) of those Competencies during any designated assessment period.

Approved by the General Education Council on October 9, 2008; revised by the GEC on April 22, 2010.