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General Education Program

Process and Timeline



There are two timelines operating simultaneously during this period of transition, that of the Steering and Faculty Committees at the state level, and institution-specific timelines.

FGCU's Timeline

In the fall of 2013 General Education Council developed this flowchart, which depicts the FGCU timeline and process from fall 2012-spring 2016.  This was updated in November 2013, and again in February 2014.  (The file can be downloaded here)

General Education Flowchart Feb 2014



State-level Timeline

This timeline is part of the May 16, 2013 Steering Committee (SC) report found here):

May 20                       Provide final core recommendations to institutions & request lists of related/advanced courses

August 1                     Institutions submit related/advanced courses

August 15                  Steering Committee Meeting

August 16                  Provide final SC recommendation of  related/advanced courses for review by SUS/FCS

August – October      Review by institution curriculum or general education committees

November 1               Institution submits final faculty and administrative approval of core and related/advanced courses

November 7               Steering Committee Meeting

November 8               Chancellors review

November 15             Initial State Board rule development/public comment period begins

January 2014             Board of Governors regulation noticing

March 2014               State Board/Board of Governors rule/regulation on agenda



The timeline for our process at FGCU is in part determined by the timeline stipulated by the legislature.  The most recent timeline provided by the Steering Committee is as follows (this timeline is part of the December 20, 2012 report found here):

General Education Project: Timeline (Revised December 20, 2012)



July 31, 2012

Cross-Sector Meeting with Representative Proctor/ Organizational Meeting

August 15, 2012

First Steering Committee Meeting, Conference Call

September 21, 2012

Steering Committee Meeting, Valencia College

October 5, 2012

Chancellors Approve Faculty Committees

October 24, 2012

Articulation Coordinating Committee Update

October 25, 2012

Initial Meeting of Faculty Committees

November 13, 2012

Steering Committee Meeting, Conference Call

November-December 2012

Ongoing Faculty Committee Discussion of Draft Recommendation Courses and Competencies via Listserv and Conference Calls

December  2012

Faculty Discipline Committee Draft Recommendations, Courses and Competencies to Steering Committee

December 14, 2012

Steering Committee Final Draft Recommendations, Courses and Competencies via Conference Call

December 2012

Faculty Discipline Committee Initial Draft Recommendations, Courses and Competencies

December 21, 2012 – January 31, 2013

Faculty Review/Institution (CAVP/CIA) Review*, Initial Feedback

February 1-8, 2013

DOE/BOG Compile Institution Initial Feedback

Mid-Late February 2013

Steering Committee and Faculty Committee Review Initial Institution Feedback

March 2013

Steering Committee/Faculty Committee Meeting, Date-Location TBD

March – April 2013

Steering Committee Sends Second Draft to Institutions for Review and Institutional Approval

June 2013

State Board of Education and Board of Governors Initiate Rule/Regulation Development

June 2013

Recommendations Released for Public Comment**

July - August 2013

Articulation Coordinating Committee Review Draft Recommendations

July - August 2013

Faculty/(CAVP/CIA)/Public Comment Reviewed

August 2013

All Feedback Received

August 2013

Steering Committee Finalize Recommendations

September 2013

Final Recommendations Submitted to Chancellors

September 2013

State Board of Education and Board of Governors Rule/Regulation Approval of Core Course Options

September 2013

Communications to Florida College System and State University System Institutions, Courses and Competencies

*CAVP/CIA/Institution Review:  Faculty on the campus will submit comments to Provost/Chief Academic Officer (or designee)

**DOE/BOG will manage wider public comment in a separate process

The activities listed in this timeline reflect those leading to State Board of Education and Board of Governors approval of rule and regulation, respectively. Each institution has its own internal process regarding the approval of new general education programs—these internal processes are not reflected in this timeline.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges policy statement on “Substantive Change for Accredited Institutions of the Commission on Colleges” includes “developing a new general education program” as an example of an expansion of the institution’s degree level. These actions listed in this document will represent key changes in the general education program at each institution. As such, submission and approval of a new general education program would require a minimum six-month period commencing upon the approval of State Board of Education rule and Board of Governors regulation.

Tentative timeline for spring 2013

Timeline of tasks during Fall 2012