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Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies

Degrees and Programs



Programs & Degrees by College 


College of Arts and Sciences -- CAS Deadlines

Criminal Justice M.S.* -- Program Brochure

English M.A. -- Program Brochure

Environmental Science M.S. -- Program Brochure

Environmental Studies M.A. -- Program Brochure coming soon

Forensic Studies M.S.** -- Program Brochure

History M.A. -- Program Brochure

Mathematics M.S. -- Program Brochure

Public Administration M.P.A.* -- Program Brochure

Certificate -- Post-Bac Non-Degree

Local Government Management 




College of Education -- COE Deadlines

Doctor of Education Ed.D. -- Program Brochure

Curriculum and Instruction M.Ed. -- Program Brochure

Educational Technology M.A.* -- Program Brochure

Educational Leadership M.Ed. -- Program Brochure

Educational Leadership M.A. -- Program Brochure

Special Education M.Ed.* -- Program Brochure

Certificate -- Post-Bac Non-Degree

Teacher Immersion Program (TIP)

Educational Media and Learning

Educational Technology


College of Health Profession and Social Work -- CHPSW Deadlines / Nursing

BSN to DNP -- Program Brochure

MSN to DNP -- Program Brochure

Physical Therapy D.P.T. -- Program Brochure

D.P.T. Transitional -- Program Brochure

Clinical Mental Health Counseling M.A. -- Program Brochure

School Counseling M.A. -- Program Brochure

Health Science M.S. -- Program Brochure

Occupational Therapy M.S. -- Program Brochure

Nurse Anesthesia (M.S.N.) -- Program Brochure

Nurse Educator (M.S.N.) -- Program Brochure

Physician Assistant (M.P.A.S.) -- Program Brocure coming soon

Social Work M.S.W. -- Program Brochure

 Certificate -- Post-Bac Non-Degree

Clinical Laboratory Science

Health Services Administration

Transition to School Counseling

Transition to Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Lutgert College of Business -- LCOB Deadlines

Accounting & Taxation M.S. -- Program Brochure

Business Administration M.B.A.** -- Program Brochure



*Distance learning
**Partial distance learning

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