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Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies

Check Your Application Status

Check your application status
  1. If you submitted an application for FGCU graduate studies after November 17, 2015, you will check your application status through our Recruiter system.
  2. Logon to Recruiter with your email address and your self-created password.
  3. You will see a list of supplemental items due and pending towards your application completion. 
  4. Items with a Received status and date have been processed.
  5. If you mailed documents, please allow two weeks for processing before contacting our office.
  6. If you are declaring Florida Residency for Tuition purposes, and you have been admitted, contact the office to ensure your residency has been established before you enroll.  Residency establishment for tuition purposes is an independent state requirement and will affect your tuition costs. 
Submit Supplemental Documents:

Email all supplemental application documents to  Supplemental documents include letters of reference, resumes, writing samples, supplemental applications, proof of professional licensures, etc.  Do not email documents with sensitive information, i.e., social security number and birth date.

Registration for Classes for admitted students: 
  1. All admitted students will use their University Identification Number and GULFLINE Personal Identification Number (PIN) to log in to Self Service Gulfline system and register for classes.  
  2. Self Service Gulfline system applicants may have received the UIN in email. 
  3. Recruiter applicants may obtain the UIN under ERPID on your Recruiter profile. 
  4. Your PIN will be emailed to your application email address. 
  5. If you need to retrieve your UIN, you may contact our office.  If you need to retrieve the PIN which was sent via email, you will need to contact the University Registrar Phone: (239) 590-7980. 

For more Registration information, please refer to our Admitted Students page.