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Human Resources

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Human Resources
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Human Resources Department
Florida Gulf Coast University
Modular 2
10501 FGCU Blvd. South
Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565

Tele: (239) 590-1400
Fax: (239) 590-1011

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, call Florida Gulf Coast University using the Florida Relay at 711.

Policies and Procedures




The University will administer a uniform method of reporting work connected accidents that will gather all pertinent facts from the employee in order to submit a Notice of Injury report to the Division of Risk Management. In the case of the death of an employee the report must be submitted within 24 hours after the accident occurred.

An injured employee covered by this policy will be carried in full pay status for a period not to exceed 7 days immediately following the injury, or for a maximum of 40 work hours if taken intermittently. If the injured employee is unable to resume work at the end of this period, the employee may elect to use accrued sick, annual or compensatory leave in the amount necessary to receive a salary payment that will increase the Workers' Compensation payment to the total salary being received prior to the occurrence of the injury. The employee will continue to accrue leave as long as he/she is unable to resume work and is carried in pay status.


Injured Employee
Notify your supervisor of the injury and contact the Workers' Compensation carrier with your supervisor present.
If the injury requires immediate medical attention, arrange for the employee to be sent to a hospital or doctor's office.
Based upon the extent of injury, if the injury requires immediate medical attention, request emergency assistance by calling x1911. As soon as possible after arranging for medical attention, call the Workers' Compensation carrier to report the injury.

Once the claim has been filed, you must report the injury to the University Environmental Health & Safety Department at 239-590-1126.


Anyone learning of an employee or former employee's death should notify Human Resources which will notify the Office of the President and other appropriate University officials. If any of these offices is notified directly, they should verify that Human Resources has been contacted in order to provide the necessary assistance to the family in obtaining any applicable survivor benefits.

In most cases, the Office of the President will send appropriate communication to the university community and to the family of the deceased employee.

Eff. 12/96 Rev. 11/04


The University will establish, maintain and administer a uniform method of assisting employees at times of emergencies such as accidents resulting in injuries or death, home disaster and similar events that require emergency action.


Completes Employee Emergency Notification information at the new employee sign-on, designating the person to be notified in the event of emergency, accident or disaster.
Office of Human Resources
Submits data for inclusion in the Payroll/Personnel computer system and maintains file.
Periodically updates information as provided by employees.
Director of Human Resources
Upon notification of an emergency, accident or disaster during normal business hours, notifies designated persons in the Emergency Action Plan.
As conditions may require, informs University President and/or other appropriate administrator.
University Public Safety Department
Upon notification of an emergency, accident or disaster between the hours of 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. informs the Human Resources Director or designee who will make a timely notification of persons identified by the employee or designated in the Emergency Action Plan.

Eff. 12/96