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Human Resources

Human Resources

Sick Leave Pool



The University has authorized a voluntary Sick Leave Pool for Faculty, Administrative and Professional (A&P) and Support Personnel (SP) employees. This Pool is intended for employees who are experiencing a serious health condition such as an injury, impairment, or extended medical condition. Eligible University employees may participate in the Sick Leave Pool by contributing personal sick leave credits to the Pool and upon depletion of their individual annual, sick and compensatory leave credits, may apply to draw sick leave credits from the Pool for personal illness, accident or injury. The Pool is an independent cooperative effort on the part of the participating employees and is not affiliated with any other organized activity of the University, University employees, or other State provided benefits.


Participation in the Pool is at all times voluntary on the part of any employee. All Faculty, A&P and Support Personnel employees may participate after completion of one year of employment with the University, provided a minimum of 64 hours of unused sick leave has been credited to the employee at the time of enrollment. Part-time employees (employed at less than 1.00 FTE) may participate in the Pool on a pro rata basis. At the time of enrollment, each employee contributes eight (8) hours of sick leave to the Pool.

When the Pool balance drops below eighty (80) hours, Pool members are required to contribute an additional eight (8) hours of personal sick leave. All members will be notified of the Pool's depletion and given an opportunity to inform the Pool Administrator, in writing, if they intend to discontinue membership, prior to the deducting of personal sick leave credits to replenish the Pool balance.

Any participating employee may cancel his/her membership at any time by notifying the Sick Leave Pool Administrator, in writing. Any sick leave contributed to the Pool is forfeited upon cancellation of membership, retirement, or termination.

No employee will be unreasonably denied membership in the Sick Leave Pool, if eligibility requirements are met.


The Sick Leave Pool Committee will designate a minimum of one (1) open enrollment period consisting of at least thirty (30) calendar days during each twelve (12) month period.

All eligible employees who wish to voluntarily join and participate in the Sick Leave Pool must apply for membership during one of the open enrollment periods. Eligible employees who complete their first year of service at other than during an open enrollment period will have thirty (30) calendar days to apply for membership in the Sick Leave Pool. An employee may transfer his/her Sick Leave Pool membership from another state agency or SUS university during the first thirty (30) calendar days of employment at the University. The employee is responsible for determining the point in time he/she may become eligible for membership in the Sick Leave Pool.


The President will appoint six (6) employees, who participate in the Pool, to serve as the Sick Leave Pool Committee. The Assistant Vice President & Director of Human Resources has been designated as the Sick Leave Pool Administrator.

The Sick Leave Pool Committee consists of two employees, respectively, from the Faculty, A&P and Support Personnel employee groups. Committee members for each employee group are appointed to serve alternating two (2) year terms, ending December 31st.


All Pool hours will be disbursed by action of the Sick Leave Pool Committee and membership in the Sick Leave Pool does not guarantee hours may be withdrawn from the Pool.

Sick Leave hours from the Sick Leave Pool will be granted only for an employee's serious health condition which requires hospitalization or extended medical care as the result of any injury or illness or as a result of major medical or health problems. Personal illness includes disabilities which are the result of or are contributed to by pregnancy related illness and the recovery therefrom.

Participating employees who have depleted, or will shortly deplete, all their accrued sick, annual and compensatory leave credits may request use of sick leave credits from the Pool, through the Sick Leave Pool Administrator.

When requesting sick leave hours from the Sick Leave Pool, the employee or his/her designee submits a written application, which includes medical certification by the attending health care provider, to the Sick Leave Pool Administrator. The maximum number of Sick Leave Pool credits which may be granted for any one request is one hundred sixty (160) hours or twenty (20) work days. A member may submit another request for additional hours if the employee is not able to return to work.

An employee may withdraw up to a maximum of four hundred eighty (480) hours or sixty (60) work days from the Pool. When an employee uses the maximum number of Pool credits, his/her membership in the Pool is discontinued. The employee may reapply for membership in the Pool by completing the eligibility requirements described above and applying for membership during an open enrollment period.

An employee who withdraws sick leave hours from the Pool will not be required to replace those hours. However, all sick leave hours not used will be returned to the Pool when the employee is fully released to return to work.

Salary payments for sick leave will be coordinated with any and all disability insurance benefits the employee may accrue. No more than the current bi-weekly salary may be received by the employee after all payments from all applicable disability insurance benefits are applied.

Alleged abuse of the use of the Sick Leave Pool will be investigated by the Sick Leave Pool Administrator, and if warranted, the participating employee shall be required to repay all sick leave credits drawn from the Sick Leave Pool, and may have his/her membership canceled by a majority vote of the Sick Leave Pool Committee.