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Organization Development Services


The Organizational Development (OD) function plays a strategic role in focusing on organizational structure, processes, goals and skills to assess alignment with the mission and strategy of FGCU. OD, in partnership with University leaders, offers the following services in support of the employees of FGCU as they work together to transform student’s lives, and the southwest Florida region.

  • Coaching - available to managers and leaders who are looking to be more effective in their current role or wanting to create a development path for a future role. Some focus areas may include: influence, relationships, communication, perception, conflict resolution
  • Talent Management - processes directed towards having the right talent doing the right work at the right time. Some focus areas include: the “first year experience”, personal & professional development, leadership & succession planning, performance management, and career planning
  • Advancing Organizational Culture – a variety of approaches to improve organizational culture within and among departments. Consideration should be taken when there is some combination of the following: many new employees, formal/informal complaints from employees, unusual or unhealthy conflicts, low morale, high turnover, ineffective teams, change in leadership, etc.
  • Leading, Communicating, and Navigating Change – assistance in planning for and managing transitions. Examples include: organizational change, change in leadership, merging of teams/departments, Policy/Procedural changes, etc.
  • Team Effectiveness – improving members understanding of group dynamics and effectiveness. Some focus areas include: relationships, conflict, and teambuilding
  • Meeting Facilitation – providing structure and process that lead to a more effective and productive meeting
  • Focus Group Facilitation – a method used for collecting data from a group of customers, users, or employees

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Human Resources
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