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Human Resources

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Human Resources
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Human Resources Department
Florida Gulf Coast University
Modular 2
10501 FGCU Blvd. South
Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565

Tele: (239) 590-1400
Fax: (239) 590-1011

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, call Florida Gulf Coast University using the Florida Relay at 711.

Employee Handbook


V. Your Pay

Paycheck and Deductions

All University employees are required to complete necessary appointment documents in Human Resources before you can be paid.

You are paid biweekly. Florida Gulf Coast University requires all A&P and Support Personnel employees to participate in the Direct Deposit Program. You must complete a Direct Deposit Authorization form within 30 days of employment. This program is available at any financial institution.

Your earning statement may be viewed and printed every other Friday at The itemized statement will reflect all deductions and is your record of monies earned and deductions made as authorized. You are encouraged to examine the statement carefully to make sure the proper deductions have been made. Any errors should be reported to Human Resources immediately.

Holiday Pay when Required to Work

As a Support Personnel employee, if a peak work load or an emergency condition results in your being required to work on a holiday, you will be credited with Special Compensatory Leave based on the number of regularly scheduled work hours for the day of the observed holiday. If you are an A&P employee who is required to perform duties on a holiday, your schedule must be adjusted at a later date to provide equivalent time off, up to a maximum of eight hours.

Part-time employees are entitled to holiday time in proportion to the number of hours in their work shift.

If you are in non-pay status for the entire day before a holiday you will not receive payment for the holiday.

On-Call/Call Back - Support Personnel

An on-call assignment occurs when you are instructed by your supervisor to remain available to work during an off-duty period. You are required to stay in a fixed location, or leave word where you can be reached by telephone or beeper so that you can return to work on short notice.

You cannot be on-call for more than 24 consecutive hours unless such instructions are provided in writing.

Callback occurs when you are called back to work beyond your regularly scheduled hours of work for that day. You will be paid for the actual time worked, as well as the time to and from your home or a minimum of two hours, whichever is greater.

Travel Reimbursement

Travel expenditures may be paid from University funds when the travel is a benefit to the University. All travel, in state or out-of-state, must be authorized and approved in advance.

The Controller's Office is responsible for assisting departments in processing Travel Authorization Requests and Vouchers for Reimbursement and is available to further clarify any questions you may have.