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Human Resources Department
Florida Gulf Coast University
Modular 2
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Tele: (239) 590-1400
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If you have a hearing or speech impairment, call Florida Gulf Coast University using the Florida Relay at 711.

Policies and Procedures





The President or designee shall approve the kind and monetary value of perquisites for Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) employees.

Perquisites will be furnished to University employees in those specific instances where it is determined that providing the perquisite is in the best interest of the University and is justified by the exceptional or unique requirement of the position. Perquisites must be directly related to the description of duties contained in the position description on file with the Department of Human Resources.

Unless perquisites are specifically authorized by law, the granting of perquisites to any employee must be approved by the President or designee prior to being furnished to an employee.

Perquisites shall be considered as part of the employee’s total compensation; therefore, the kind and value of perquisites shall be as uniform and consistent as possible. Generally, the value of perquisites shall not be used to compute the employee’s rate of pay. There may be federal income tax consequences of such actions in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code.

Approval of perquisites shall be for one fiscal year only and shall terminate automatically on June 30 of each year unless a renewal is requested and approved.

Perquisites are defined as "Those things, or the use thereof, or services of a kind which confer on the officers or employees receiving same some benefit that is in the nature of additional compensation, or which reduces to some extent the normal personal expenses of the officer or employee receiving the same and shall include, but not be limited to, such things as quarters, subsistence, utilities, laundry services, medical service, use of University-owned vehicle for other than University purposes, servants paid by the University and other similar things".

The following list of perquisites is not intended to be all inclusive; rather, these are the most common.

1) Uniforms, Clothing, Laundry Services and Footwear (See additional information in the next section below).

2) Use of University-Owned vehicles - The University’s policy on the use of University-owned vehicles shall govern the use of such vehicles for official University purposes. However, the personal use of University-owned vehicles by an employee is a perquisite and must be approved by the President. The personal use of a University-owned vehicle will not normally be approved for any employee of the University.

3) Domestic Services - Personal domestic services will not normally be approved. However, services performed for official functions or to maintain public areas of University-owned property are not perquisites.

4) Groundskeeping Services - Personal groundskeeping services will not normally be approved.

5) Telephone Service - Free personal telephone service for an employee’s residence will not normally be approved. However, telephone service that is required for an employee to perform official duties is not a perquisite.

6) Cellular and/or Mobile Telephone Service - For details and approval requirements contained in the FGCU Cell Phone Policy, click here.

7) Free Passes, Tickets, Permits - Free passes, tickets or permits for employees to events where there is a general admission charge to the public are perquisites and must be approved by the President.

8) Medical Services - Free medical services shall not normally be approved for any employee unless the services are a requirement of employment, (e.g., innoculations). The following shall apply with respect to medical services:

i) Free medical services received by an employee during off-duty hours associated with being a volunteer subject or patient for experiments approved by the President or designee are not perquisites.

ii) Limited emergency medical services for on-the-job injuries or exposure to contagious diseases are not perquisites.

iii) If medical services are to be provided to employees for a fee, such services are subject to the policies governing the sale of goods and services. Physical exams which are required as a condition of employment are not perquisites.

iv) Employees may be given inoculations without charge in order to avoid an epidemic and this is not a perquisite.

v) Periodic medical examinations during off-duty hours for employees whose official duties involve scientific research experiments on animals which are subject to contamination by such employees having a contagious disease, or for such employees who may contract a disease/illness as a result of the experiments performed, are not perquisites.

9) Housing or Overnight Accommodations

i) Where justifiable, housing in University facilities may be approved by the President or designee for any employee.

ii) Overnight accommodations in University-owned housing for employees on official business in a travel status eligible for reimbursement are not perquisites.

iii) If the University has facilities that it desires to rent to an employee, such rental and the rate thereof shall require approval.

10) Utilities - Free utilities may be approved as perquisites for any employee who is required to live in University housing.

11) Trailer Space - If an employee owns a trailer and is required to live on the grounds of the University due to the duties of the position, providing space for the trailer. Trailer space may be approved for such employees who are not required to live on the grounds of the University.

12) Meals - Free meals for non-business purposes shall not be approved for any officer or employee.

13) Bus Services - Free bus service for non-business purposes shall not be approved for employees. Providing bus service for business purposes is not a perquisite.


Requesting Department
Submit a completed "Request for Approval of Perquisites" form to the Department of Human Resources at least 30 days prior to the desired effective date of providing the perquisites.
A separate form must be prepared for each type of perquisite being requested and each form must include justification as to why the perquisite should be approved.
Department of Human Resources
Review the request for completeness and secure the Director of Human Resources signature. Submit form to the President or designee for review and approval.
Notify requesting department upon approval of the request. File approved original in office file.
University President or designee
Approve specific requests to provide perquisites to employees.

Request for Approval of Perquisites or Sale of Goods and Services Form - Available on the Forms page of the HR website.

Eff. 12/96; Rev. 4/04; Rev. 12/08


It is the policy of FGCU that uniforms, clothing, laundry service, and safety footwear will only be furnished to employees in those instances where it is determined that the providing of such items is in the best interest of the University and due to the exceptional or unique requirements of the position.

The provision of uniforms or clothing requires specific approval as a perquisite during each fiscal year. (Refer to policy on Perquisites above.)

Departments that require their employees to wear uniforms or clothing will pay for the uniforms or clothing, when approved, from departmental funds. The cleaning of uniforms or clothing may be authorized at the expense of the University, provided the cleaning is specifically approved as a perquisite. Uniforms and clothing may be furnished to employees whose jobs require specific identity or where sanitary clothing is required for the protection of the employee and/or the public.

Uniforms may be furnished to:

a) Law enforcement personnel, who must be identified on sight as duly sworn law officers with arrest powers.

b) Security personnel.

c) Employees who direct, regulate or control the activity or admission of the public at University facilities and who because of working conditions, cannot otherwise be readily identified as employees of said facilities.

d) Employees required to traverse public or private lands for the purpose of conducting investigations or inspections, and who perform these tasks in hazardous areas under working conditions where identification and protection of the employee is necessary, or where excessive soilage, wear and damage to the employee's clothing occurs.

e) University personnel such as custodial workers, maintenance employees, and groundskeepers who have access to University housing facilities and need to be readily identified as official employees of the University.

f) Any other personnel approved by the President.

The following clothing is not considered to be a perquisite, does not require approval by the President, and may be furnished to employees as follows:

a) Outer protective garments, such as smocks and aprons which are worn over personal clothing, may be furnished to employees who work under conditions where their personal clothing is exposed to excessive soilage or wear due to the nature of the job.

b) Other apparel for employees working in laboratories or special areas where sterile or extremely clean clothing is needed; gym and sweat clothing, or historic apparel is required on an occasional or as needed basis.

c) Protective headgear may be furnished to employees who work in hazardous areas where hard hats are required.

d) Special footwear which is needed for an employee's safety.

All such clothing and footwear must be reported in the same manner prescribed for requesting approval of uniforms, clothing, laundry services and safety footwear perquisites.

Whether the cleaning of uniforms is to be done by the employee or by the University, shall be determined by departmental policy.

The department approved to provide uniforms or clothing will determine the assignment of colors for the uniforms, markings or insignia to be affixed to the uniforms, and the number of uniforms or clothing to be assigned to each employee. In addition, each department approved to provide uniforms or clothing shall be responsible for establishing departmental policies and procedures applicable to the purchasing, issuance, use, cleaning, disposal, and inventory controls required for such uniforms or clothing.

Approved uniforms or clothing shall be worn during working hours as specified by departmental policy. Uniforms may be worn to and from work at the discretion of the department or division head, but are otherwise not to be worn while employee is off duty. If an employee is required to change into a uniform prior to beginning work or to change back to personal clothing prior to leaving work, the time required will be included in time worked.

Uniforms or clothing shall be returned to the issuing department when an employee terminates employment or is assigned to a position not approved for the use of uniforms or clothing.

Failure on the part of the employee to adhere to University and departmental policies regarding the issuance and use of uniforms or clothing may subject the employee to appropriate disciplinary action.


Request perquisite approval to provide uniforms or clothing to specified employees in accordance with the policy. All requests to provide, or continue to provide uniforms, shall be made in writing for each fiscal year and submitted to the President or respective Vice-President for approval based upon recommendation by Human Resources.
Determine departmental policy and procedure applicable to the purchasing, issuance, use, cleaning, disposal and inventory controls required for such uniforms or clothing approved for issuance to employees.
Human Resources
Review requests for perquisite approval to provide uniforms or clothing to employees. Advise the President or respective Vice-President regarding recommendation for approval or disapproval.
President or respective Vice-President
On recommendation of Human Resources, provide approval or disapproval.
Each employee authorized to be issued uniforms or clothing will be responsible for complying with all University and departmental policies and procedures required based upon the issuance of said uniforms(s) or clothing.

Eff. 12/96;Rev. 12/08