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Human Resources Department
Florida Gulf Coast University
Modular 2
10501 FGCU Blvd. South
Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565

Tele: (239) 590-1400
Fax: (239) 590-1011

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, call Florida Gulf Coast University using the Florida Relay at 711.

Policies and Procedures




Recruitment shall consist of all authorized activities designed to provide applicant pools from which to select qualified applicants for specific position vacancies within the University. All recruitment activities shall be planned and carried out in accordance with State and Federal laws, the University’s Employee Search, Screen, and Selection Procedure Guidelines, and the State University System’s commitment to affirmative action/equal employment opportunity. A classification action does not constitute a vacancy, if there is an incumbent in the position, and therefore does not involve recruitment.

For Support Personnel positions, a vacancy may be filled without announcement through reassignment or demotion of a current employee. Support Personnel time-limited positions shall be so designated at the time the position vacancy is announced and clearly stated in the letter of offer.

A position vacancy shall be announced for a minimum of 14 days, or reannounced for a minimum of 7 days, unless the position vacancy qualifies for "open posting". When there is a continual need for qualified applicants in a specific Support Personnel class, the class may be listed continuously on a position vacancy announcement with the application deadline listed as "open".

Position vacancy announcements shall be distributed by the University to the Florida Job Service, to Health and Rehabilitative Services, and to other appropriate sources identified to attract minorities and women.

Application Process:

Applicants for Support Personnel positions with the University are normally required to complete an Employment Application describing the level of education, type and duration of training and experience, and other information as requested. The completion of a Supplemental Employment History Information form is encouraged for applicants for A&P and Faculty positions, but not required.

Application forms shall be signed and dated by the applicant, and the truth of all statements contained therein shall be certified by the applicant’s signature. Only applications or resumes received or postmarked on or before the application deadline shall be included for consideration. If the position is reannounced, applications which did not meet the original deadline shall be included for consideration.

Applications shall not be accepted or rejected because of the applicant’s, race, color, gender, religion, creed, national origin, disability, martial status, Vietnam or disabled Veteran status, or age, except when it constitutes a bona fide occupational qualification necessary to perform the essential duties assigned to the position.

Consideration of an application may be discontinued when it is determined that the applicant:

a) Does not meet the minimum education, training, and experience requirements established for a class, or does not possess appropriate licensure or other requirements as specified on the vacancy announcements, or

b) Has willfully falsified or failed to complete the application/resume. Willful falsification of an application/resume is cause for dismissal of an employee already employed by the University, or

c) Has an unsatisfactory employment record, or

d) Has been convicted of a felony or first degree misdemeanor related to the position of employment sought, or

e) Does not meet the pre-employment requirements under Florida Statute, or

f) Is a male between 18 and 26 who has not registered for the Selective Service.

Each applicant will be considered for eligibility based upon information contained on the application. To be eligible for a position, an applicant must meet the minimum qualifications for the position as specified on the class specification, or have education, training, and experience deemed equivalent and appropriate for substitution. Preferred qualifications may be used to determine an applicant’s qualifications related to the specific department needs.

Support Personnel applicants must pass any proficiency test required as part of the minimum qualifications to be appointed with probationary, or temporary status. All applicable, relevant, and verifiable work experience performed by an applicant on a paid or unpaid basis, including work performed in conjunction with educational programs, shall be used in determining eligibility.

A security background check, including fingerprinting, as a prerequisite for employment or for continued employment may be required, involving positions with special trust or responsibility, or which have a sensitive location. A person who refuses to submit his/her fingerprints is ineligible for employment in such positions or, if employed, may be dismissed.

Screening committees will be used to fill all full-time faculty, librarian, and A&P positions unless a special exception is made by the appropriate vice president. For all other positions, the formal search and screen process may be used but is not required. When the formal process is not used, the use of the informal process as defined in the Search, Screen, and Selection Procedure Guidelines is required.

An offer of employment or promotion cannot be extended to an applicant or employee until all required approvals in the recruitment and hiring process have been completed.

Letters of offer for Support Personnel positions are sent by the Department of Human Resources. Faculty and A&P letters of offer are sent by the appropriate vice president in conjunction with the Office of Human Resources.

Requests for additional budget rate must be submitted to the appropriate vice president and the budget office.


Submit a completed PVA Requisition form for all position vacancies to the Department of Human Resources.

Department of Human Resources
Post Faculty, A&P and Support Personnel position vacancies (not requiring submission of a PVA) for a minimum of 14 calendar days.

Provide the hiring official with a copy of the Search and Screen Guidelines, announcement and information regarding the recruiting requirements.

If required, place advertising in the local media and/or national journals/newspapers.

After application deadline, Human Resources will determine applicant eligibility using the FGCU Employment Applications or resumes. Eligibility will be determined on basis of the required minimum education and experience.

After closing date, complete the Applicant Pool Certification Report and submit to the Director of Equity and Compliance for approval/disapproval.

Director of Equity and Compliance
Certify Applicant Pool and notify Human Resources.

If Applicant Pool is not certified, contact will be made with hiring official to determine the appropriate action to be taken.

Department of Human Resources/Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance
Upon Pool Certification approval, forward qualified applications to department for review of applicant pool.

Meet with Department of Human Resources, for review of the qualified applicant pool.

Appropriate first consideration must be extended to qualified Support Personnel applicants in conjunction with applicable collective bargaining agreements and/or State and Federal laws regarding Veterans Preference and Project Independence applicants.

Make selection of applicant(s) to be interviewed and notify Human Resources.

Department of Human Resources
Forward list of applicants to be interviewed to Director of Equity and Compliance for Interview Pool Certification.

Director of Equity and Diversity

Certify Interview Pool

Conduct interviews and select final candidate to be offered the position. Contact VP or Human Resources regarding any special requirements for advanced appointment rate, background checks, etc.

Department of Human Resources
Confirm availability of salary rate and other special appointment requirements and draft formal letter of offer.

Posting details and employment application information available on FGCU's SOAR (Self-managed Online Application Resource). See

Eff. 12/96 


The University shall observe all policies, procedures and applicable collective bargaining agreements concerning the promotion of permanent Support Personnel employees to vacant positions. All employees applying for vacant positions will be required to meet the minimum training and experience requirements set forth in the SUS class specifications as well as any special requirements or skills designated by the employing department.


Employees may apply for a promotion by submitting an updated Employment Application to the Department of Human Resources. Such requests shall indicate the position number of the position for which the employee would like to be considered.

Employing Department
Review credentials of all qualified candidates and make selection of those candidates to be interviewed.

Eff. 12/96


In accordance with Florida Statutes, any person who has a felony conviction for offenses committed on or after October 1, 1990, involving selling or trafficking a controlled substance, is disqualified from being employed in a faculty, A&P, Support Personnel, or OPS position, unless:

1) the person completed all sentences of imprisonment or sanctions imposed by the court, by the Parole Commission, or by law; or,

2) the person has complied with the conditions monitored by the Department of Corrections while the person is under any supervisory sanctions which may include:

i) enrollment in a drug treatment and rehabilitation program as specified by the court, the Parole Commission, or the Department of Corrections; and,

ii) submits to periodic drug testing pursuant to procedures prescribed by the Department of Corrections.


If the applicant indicates in the Pre-employment Requirements Form that he/she has been convicted of a felony involving selling or trafficking a controlled substance, verification of compliance with the provisions shall be obtained by completion of the Pre-employment Verification Form.

When the applicant indicates that he/she has completed all sentences of imprisonment or supervisory sanctions imposed by the court, the Parole Commission, or by law, Human Resources shall send the Pre-employment Verification Form to the Department of Parole Programs.

Part II of the Pre-employment Verification Form will be completed by the Department of Parole Programs and returned to the Department of Human Resources.

When the applicant indicates he/she is currently enrolled in a drug treatment and/or rehabilitation program as specified by the court, the Parole Commission, or the Department of Corrections, the applicant shall submit the Pre-employment Verification Form to his/her Probation Officer for completion and return it to Human Resources. The applicant shall not be employed until evidence of compliance is on file.

Pre-employment Requirements Form - Furnished by Department of Human Resources
Pre-employment Verification Form - Furnished by Department of Human Resources

Eff. 12/96



Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) is committed to developing an institution where the representation of minorities, women and members of other protected classes in the FGCU workforce is reflective of the community at large. This objective is consistent with the University’s commitment to diversity, equal opportunity and affirmative action. Likewise, the University is committed to fair treatment of all applicants and employees regardless of their sex, race, religion, marital status, national origin, veteran’s status, age, disability or ethnicity.

As stated in FGCU’s Guiding Principles, “diversity is a source of renewal and vitality. The University is committed to developing capacities for living together in a democracy whose hallmark is individual, social, cultural and intellectual diversity. It fosters a climate and models a condition of openness in which students, faculty, and staff engage multiplicity and difference with tolerance and equity.”

The Search and Screen Guidelines set forth established policies and procedures associated with the search and screen process at FGCU. The information contained is intended to assist hiring officials and University search committees in conducting employment searches to meet the requirements of state and federal nondiscrimination legislation. The Guidelines are used in concert with the University’s Diversity Plan, which is designed to establish clear administrative responsibility and accountability for equality of opportunity in all categories of employment.

All vacancies shall be processed through FGCU’s Self-managed On-line Application Resource system called SOAR. SOAR, managed by the Department of Human Resources, is a web-based on-line job posting and employment website. Vacanices for Faculty, Administrative & Professional, Support Staff and Temporary positions are advertised, received and processed through SOAR. This system was implemented to automate the employment application process including receipt, processing and approvals of Recruitment Plans, Director of Equity and Compliance Reviews, and Appointment Forms; review of applicants; and electronic communications with hiring managers, applicants, committee members and others involved in the hiring process. SOAR offers applicants, hiring officials, search committee members and Human Resources the ability to review and manage applicant materials from any location.

The policies and procedures described herein apply to all vacancies, unless otherwise stated in these Guidelines.

To further assist search committees in performing their charge, this document includes an appendix, which contains resource documents and copies of various forms utilized during the search and screen process. The implementation of these procedures should increase the representation of minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, disabled veterans, persons meeting Florida Veterans' Preference eligibility (Staff Support positions only) and persons age 40 and above, among our employees at FGCU regardless of their sex, race, religion, marital status, national origin, veteran’s status, age, disability or ethnicity.


Equal opportunity and diversity programs grew out of democratic principles concerning equity and social justice. They were designed to undo the damage that had been done by discrimination in our society. The purpose and scope are:

1. to eliminate the disparity in the hiring and promotion of members of protected classes within the organization;
2. to eliminate the underutilization of members of protected classes by the organization;
3. to ensure equal employment opportunities under the law; and
4. to identify barriers which prohibit equal opportunities to all employees and applicants.

While implementing a successful diversity program, the University must ensure that managers have the training, skills and sensitivity to effectively manage a diverse workforce. The Guidelines will enhance the institution’s ability to employ a diverse workforce – professionals with different backgrounds and cultures who bring new perspectives and ideas, which should result in improved productivity and creativity.

The Search and Screen Guidelines are designed to provide a process wherein searches are equitable and affirmative efforts are made to increase the diversity of all applicant pools.

The Director of Equity and Compliance, with the assistance of the Director of Human Resources and the Provost, is responsible for implementing and maintaining recruitment and employment practices consistent with the University’s equal opportunity policy and Affirmative Action Plan.


A. President, Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors and Chairs

Creating a climate that enhances cultural diversity is the responsibility of everyone on campus. Leadership from the top is essential and must be accomplished through words and deeds. The president, vice presidents, deans, directors and chairs shall articulate their commitment and that of the institution to cultural diversity, equality and fair play whenever and wherever possible. These commitments cannot be made sporadically, or only at times when issues relating to race and/or discrimination surface, but must be made in a consistent and sustained manner.

The responsibilities of the campus leadership team shall include:

• working to remove barriers to cultural diversity through innovative, dynamic recruitment;
• striving to enhance all elements of student and staff support in order to advance diversity; and
• evaluating hiring officials' accomplishments toward the achievement of the unit’s objectives including the goals of enhancing cultural diversity.

B.Director of Equity and Diversity

The Office of Equity and Diversity is committed to achieving equality of opportunity in education, professional training, career advancement and University employment.

This office assumes responsibility for communicating, interpreting, and monitoring the University's Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Institutional Statement.

Specifically, the Director of Equity and Diversity is responsible for

• developing equal opportunity policy statements, procedures and processes for communication to the campus community;
• reviewing and approving through SOAR all employment search & screen committees, applicant pools, interview pools and offers;
• facilitating effective communication throughout the organization to promote harmony through mutual understanding and knowledge;
• assisting organizational units in identifying problem areas related to the success of equal opportunity outreach strategies and assisting in arriving at feasible solutions/corrective actions;
• providing relevant availability data for minorities and women;
• designing and implementing reporting systems that will measure the effectiveness of the University’s outreach efforts and other equal opportunity programs and strategies;
• receiving complaints and investigating claims of discrimination;
• serving as liaison between the University and state and federal civil rights enforcement agencies and other select groups concerned with employment opportunities for members of protected classes; and
• assisting faculty and staff through the Conflict Management System (CMS) to resolve conflicts at the lowest possible level using procedures that address and respect the needs, interests and rights of FGCU employees. For more detailed information on the CMS, go to the FGCU Website (

C. Human Resources

The Department of Human Resources assists in the recruitment and employment activity of all departments within the University. This is accomplished through coordination with the hiring officials and/or the screening committees.

The Department of Human Resources manages the web based Self-managed Online Application Resource (SOAR) system which includes, but is not limited, to the electronic workflow of the following:
• Receiving and possessing the Recruitment Plan submitted by hiring officials;
• Creating and posting the Position Vacancy Announcements;
• Developing and placing advertisement;
• Collecting self identification information from applicants of gender and ethnicity;
• Reviewing and processing Diretor of Equity and Diversity certifications and appointment forms for approvals;
• Receives and processes employment application materials online;
• Screening application materials for minimum qualifications using job specific questions;
• Routing application materials to hiring managers via the web;
• Providing applicants automated updates regarding the status of their application.

The Department of Human Resources establishes, coordinates and maintains a wide range of effective processes that allow the institution to foster an environment whereby we can recruit employees who will support the University’s comprehensive mission.

To create such an environment, the Department of Human Resources is responsible for developing and coordinating the University’s overall human resource/personnel system, and providing advice, expertise and assistance to managers in the operating units who have direct responsibility for making employment decisions.

The following objectives are particular to the Department of Human Resources:

• administering the SOAR system;

• working closely with the Director of Equity and Diversity to review claims of alleged discrimination by an applicant for employment because of their sex, race, religion, marital status, national origin, veteran’s status, age, disability or ethnicity;

• reviewing, monitoring and recommending compensation programs in support of Equal Opportunity and Diversity non-discrimination guidelines.


The development of the Recruitment Plan and selection process is delegated to hiring officials within each division and/or department. Screening committees shall be used to fill all ranked full-time faculty, librarian, and A&P positions at the director level and above.

For Staff Support, non-ranked faculty, and A&P positions positions below the director level, it is the hiring official's option to use either a screening committee that will review applications and interview candidates or an interview panel that will interview candidates. In unique circumstances, vice presidents may request of the Director of Equity and Diversity the use of a screening committee or interview panel for A&P positions at the director level. It is strongly recommended that a search be conducted at the outset for visiting positions where there is a potential of a future permanent appointment.

Some specific responsibilities of the hiring official are:

• to complete and submit through SOAR a Recruitment Plan form for approvals;
• to recruit and hire persons in all job classifications without regard to their sex, race, religion, marital status, national origin, veteran’s status, age, disability or ethnicity;
• to ensure that the criteria utilized for all hires is job related;
• to ensure that all applicants are given equal opportunity in employment consideration; and
• to submit through SOAR the request for approval to hire.

Hiring officials should refer any contacts by applicants to the Department of Human Resources or the Committee Chair and refrain from having direct contact with applicants except during the interview process.

When using an interview panel, the hiring official through SOAR:
• screens the applications;
• selects the applicants to be forwarded for interview pool certification; and
• completes other appropriate duties performed by a search committee chair.


1. The Chair of the committee is responsible for the committee’s administrative tasks. The Chair follows the Search and Screen Checklist (Appendix B), including but not limited to coordination with the Director of Equity and Diversity and the Department of Human Resources, securing the necessary applicant/interview pool certifications, public records compliance, reference checks and request for official transcripts.

Reference checks must be completed before an offer is made; reference check forms must be returned to Human Resources. A sample reference check form is included in the appendix (see Appendix D).

2. The initial committee meeting should include:

a. introduction of the Committee Chair appointed by the hiring official;
b. the Charge to the Committee outlining expectations for the position, which is taken from the approved Recruitment Plan and Posting Details;
c. discussion of the announced selection criteria and the development of a checklist to be utilized to review applicants for the position. A sample checklist is included in the appendix (see Appendix E);
d. introduction of a representative from the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity or Human Resources to discuss:
• the implications for the selection process of underutilization of minority group members and/or women or the historical under representation of men and/or non-minority group members in the unit for which the search is being conducted;
• the University’s commitment to ensure that all applicants be treated fairly and equitably, regardless of their sex, race, religion, marital status, national origin, veteran’s status, age, disability or membership in any other protected group;
• Search & Screen Committee Members should refer any contacts by applicants to the Department of Human Resources or the Committee Chair and refrain from having direct contact with applicants except during the interview process;
• equal opportunity laws and FGCU equity policies and search and screen procedures (certification of the applicant/interview pools, selection of applicants for interview, fairness of the interview process, etc.); and
• overview and access information to the SOAR system to view applicants materials (see Appendix F).


A. Recruitment Plan

The completion of a Recruitment Plan via SOAR is required for each Faculty, Administrative and Professional (A&P) and  Support Personnel vacancy with the exception of visiting appointments, adjunct faculty appointments, approved waiver of advertising, certain designated grant positions, and OPS appointments. It is strongly recommended that a search be conducted at the outset for visiting positions where there is a likelihood of a future permanent appointment.

The appropriate administrator or authorized hiring official in the budget entity where the vacancy exists shall forward the Recruitment Plan, which at a minimum should contain the following information/components:

1. position title, requisition number, and the name and title of the supervisor;
2. position information -
a. Faculty - a written description of the minimum and preferred education and experience, and rank(s) advertised;
b. A&P and Support Personnel – a copy of the updated position description approved by the Department of Human Resources;
3. advertised salary range for the position;
4. budgeted rate on line; banner and index codes;
5. budgeted months for the appointment;
6 application deadline date;
7. anticipated start date;
8. description of any and all position specific advertising media, which will be utilized to announce the vacancy;
9. timeline for conducting the search, interview schedule, etc.; and
10. list denoting members of the search committee/interview panel by name, position title, ethnicity, and gender.

In all instances, the Recruitment Plan will be submitted to the Department of Human Resources for approval and processing.

Deviation from the approved Recruitment Plan must be requested in writing to the Director of Equity and Diversity. The request and approval of any deviation shall be forwarded to Human Resources for attachment to the original Recruitment Plan.

B. Advertising

1. All Faculty, A&P and Support Personnel positions will be announced on the SOAR web site and job line unless they have been approved to be recruited internally under the guidelines of the Internal Position Vacancy Announcement Procedures. Ranked Faculty and Librarian positions (assistant rank and above), academic administrators, and director level positions and above may be advertised nationally or regionally, as appropriate. Other positions may be advertised nationally, regionally, statewide and/or locally, as appropriate.

2. Advertisements shall be placed to reach qualified members of protected classes as follows:
a. in appropriate journals, periodicals, newspapers;
b. with public service announcements, job lines, electronic bulletin boards, etc.;
c. mailed to appropriate academic programs and professional organizations; and
d. through networking to seek applications and nominations from professional colleagues.

3. All position posting details will include the following required statements:
a. "Florida Gulf Coast University is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access Institution.”
b. “Since applications and materials are subject to public review and retention under Florida's Public Records Law, please DO NOT send examples of own project/scholarship unless requested to do so. If additional materials including articles, disks, slides, books, etc., are submitted that have not been requested by the committee, the materials shall become the property of FGCU and CANNOT BE RETURNED. Finalists will be notified by the committee of the need to submit specific additional materials, which will become the property of FGCU.”
c. "Persons with disabilities needing reasonable accommodations to participate in the application/selection process must notify the Director of Human Resources at (239)590-1400, or TTY (239)590-1450, a minimum of five (5) working days in advance."
d. "Official transcripts must be sent to Human Resources when offered an on-campus interview and must be received within thirty days. A copy of the candidate’s unofficial transcript can be attached to the candidates materials in SOAR or brought to the on campus interview."

C. Support Personnel, A&P and Non-Instructional Faculty Internal Announcement

The internal announcement option offers opportunities to qualified FGCU employees within the University and takes into consideration the skills and knowledge gained by such individuals through their service to the University.

The hiring official has the option to request a vacant position be recruited internally.

Since internal searches are not appropriate for all vacancies, a Recruitment Plan will be submitted through SOAR. The Plan will identify the intent of the hiring authority regarding recruitment internally or externally. Human Resources and Director of Equity and Diversity will review the Recruitment Plan, the departmental structure, minority representation, etc., and will approve requests for internal posting or recommend other recruitment efforts. Director of Equity and Diversity will provide final approval or disapproval of the Internal Announcement posting.

All Search & Screen Guidelines will be followed pertaining to the recruitment process.

The vacancy shall be designated as an “Internal Posting Announcement” and will be posted for a minimum of seven (7) calendar days. The announcement will state "Only Eligible FGCU Employees may apply via SOAR." The position will be posted on the Bulletin Board located outside the Human Resources Office, the SOAR Website (, and other appropriate internal communications.

If the internal posting does not result in a hire, the hiring official may request the Director of Equity and Diversity in conjunction with Human Resources to re-open the search and advertise the position to external applicants for a minimum of fourteen (14) days according to the Search and Screen Guidelines.

Eligible Support Personnel employees are those employees that:
1. meet the minimum requirements of the position as posted;
2. have a “Meets Expectations” on a performance appraisal in their current position; and
3. have obtained permanent status in their current classification.

Eligible A&P and Faculty employees are those employees that:

1. meet the minimum requirements of the position as posted;
2. have satisfactory performance in their current position; and
3. have not been provided notice of non-reappointment.

The appropriate area vice president may request from the DIrector of Equity and Diversity approval to use of an Internal Posting Detail Announcement for director level or above A&P positions.

D. Reannounced Positions

A position must be reannounced if any of the following conditions of employment are modified: salary, classification, rank, FTE, appointment basis [nine (9) month or twelve (12) month], deadline date, or specialized minimum or preferred qualifications.

If the applicant pool is not sufficiently diverse, the Director of Equity and Compliance will determine if a reannouncement is required. The search may be extended and the position reannounced with a new deadline date so that additional outreach efforts may be undertaken. When a position has been reannounced the resulting applicant pool will be presented to the Director of Equity and Compliance for certification.

E. Deadline and Dates

1. Application deadline dates shall be established so that potential applicants have sufficient time to respond to the advertisement. Most positions advertised nationally will state a deadline date that is at least one (1) month from the publications’ issue date.

2. In unique circumstance, positions may be announced with the following statement “Open Until Filled. Review of materials will begin on ________ and will continue until the position is filled. To receive full consideration, please submit your materials by ___________.”

3. All positions must be announced for a minimum of fourteen (14) days, unless the position falls within the purview of the Internal Announcement seven (7) day announcement period.

4. All reannounced positions must be posted for a minimum of seven (7) days.

5. Applications, curriculum vitae, resumes, and references must be submitted through SOAR by the application deadline date to be included in the pool of applicants to be considered.

6. Interviews may be conducted only after the application deadline date, certification of the search committee, applicant and interview pools, unless approved by the Director of Equity and Compliance in exceptional circumstances.

F. Advertising Exemptions

The following circumstances do not represent bona fide position vacancies and no announcements or formulation of a Search and Screen Committee is required:

1. academic rank promotions;
2. position rotation, e.g., a faculty/staff member is elected/designated to serve as chairperson/associate chairperson, or in another administrative capacity consistent with the department’s expectations for the appointment and in agreement regarding terms and conditions including “retreat rights” and replacement for rotating faculty/staff member;
3. the reassignment or demotion of an employee to a different position;
4. the reclassification of a filled A&P, Support Personnel, or Faculty position if no actual vacancy exists; and
5. a change of funding to/from a contract, grant, auxiliary, or local fund from/to a general revenue funded position with no change in duties, responsibilities, or classification if the incumbent was hired according to the University vacancy announcement procedures.

The following positions are exempt from the Announcement of Position Vacancy requirement:

1. positions funded from contracts or grants;
• the principal investigator and other proposed incumbents are specifically identified by name in the contract or grant and
• a position is available because a contract or grant is terminated and reestablished and the position has the same duties under the reestablished contract or grant.
2. positions to be filled by persons who have been laid off and who have recall rights under a collective bargaining agreement;
3. positions of 0.5 or less FTE (if a position is increased above 0.5 FTE, the position must be advertised);
4. positions to be filled as visiting appointments if the appointment does not extend beyond one (1) year; positions to be filled on an acting, interim, temporary, or emergency basis for one year or less (when the position is to be filled on a permanent basis, it must be advertised unless the Equal Opportunity Officer or designee approves a waiver);
5. temporary Non-Benefit earning (OPS) positions;
6. positions to be filled by an employee who completed in good standing a University educational leave program; and
7. positions to be filled in settlement of a legal or official complaint process such as litigation, grievance or arbitration.

G. Requests to Waive Search and Screen Guidelines Requirements

The hiring official may request a waiver of the Search and Screen Guidelines requirements. Requests to waive advertising and guidelines in situations other than those listed above must be submitted to the Director of Equity and Compliance who must approve all waivers. Waivers may be considered where in the best interests of the University. Unusual and extenuating circumstances may be cause for a waiver.


A. Screening

After the applicant pool has been certified by the Director of Equity and Diversity:

1. Where a search committee is used, each member of the search committee will have the opportunity to review applications through SOAR. When agreeable to committee members, application materials may be screened by a subcommittee of the entire committee to eliminate any applicants not meeting published criteria. However, the committee must be in majority agreement on any and all screening techniques used to identify suitable candidates.

2. Where a Hiring Official has chosen to use an interview panel for a Support Personnel vacancy, an A&P vacancy below the director level, a non-instructional faculty position, or other position as approved, the interview panel assists the hiring official with the actual interviews. An interview panel must be used when a screening committee is not used. In these cases, the hiring official conducts the initial screening of applications.

B. Evaluating the Applications

1 Criteria listed in the advertisement as required and preferred shall be the basis for screening candidates. All criteria must be objective and job related. The critical consideration must be the relationship between the specific knowledge, skills, and/or abilities described in the applicant’s resume and the specific knowledge, skills, and/or abilities required for each job task. The criteria also must reflect judgments which can be based upon a review of an applicant’s vita or resume, supplemental written materials, interviews and presentations (if required), and shall not include those which cannot be judged based upon the applicant’s file. In addition to specific academic or professional criteria, a candidate’s ability to provide cultural diversity and to offer a range of perspectives and interests should be elements in the application evaluation and selection process.

2. The committee procedures for evaluating candidates shall be designed to ensure there is no adverse impact based on sex, race, religion, marital status, national origin, veteran’s status, age, disability or ethnicity; or membership in any other protected group as a result of using the procedure. The only judgments to be made by the committee shall clearly be job related.

3. The committee shall develop criteria that allow members to select candidates in a non-biased manner while allowing the flexibility to select candidates who possess the necessary education and the knowledge, skills, abilities and experience at the level required by the position. The first screening of the applicants should determine which candidates meet the minimum announced requirements. An applicant who does not meet the minimum announced requirements cannot be considered further. A second screening will identify those applicants who meet or exceed most or all of the announced preferred qualifications for the position.

4. After the initial committee meeting, committee members may electronically screen resumes on an individual basis. However, the committee may choose to delegate this task to a subcommittee of its members, particularly in cases where the applicant pool is large.

5 Once a list of applicants is advanced further, the committee will review the applicants remaining in the pool and determine, to the extent possible, whether there are minority and female candidates in the pool. If no identifiable members of protected classes candidates remain on the list, the committee may review the full applicant pool again to determine if any qualified members of protected classes applicants should be reconsidered. Finally, the committee shall recommend to the hiring official the candidates to be advanced for interviews. If the hiring official concurs, the hiring official will recommend the candidates to the Director of Equity and Compliance or designee for certification of the interview pool.

6. The hiring official, the immediate supervisor or committee members should conduct reference checks of prior employment (excluding the current employer) before inviting candidates to interview on campus. These may be done via telephone or other appropriate means.

7 Reference checks of the current employer for the selected candidate should be conducted prior to finalizing the offer of employment. If a reference by the current employer cannot be obtained prior to a Letter of Offer being issued, a conditional Letter of Offer, conditioned upon a favorable reference check from the current employer, may be issued.

8. The results of the reference checks shall be forwarded to Human Resources at the conclusion of the search process. Preferably, reference checks will accompany the appointment form for the candidate. A minimum of two (2) reference checks should be conducted; please consult the sample Reference Check From in the appendix (Appendix D - Sample Reference Check Form).

C. Other Considerations For Selecting Applicants For Interviews Include:

1. Diversity of Interviewees

In instances where an interview pool is submitted for certification and it is found that members of protected classes are not included, the committee may be asked to review materials of self-identified protected class applicants to ensure that the exclusion didn't result from unwarranted bias. The hiring authority or screening committee chair should consult with the Director of Equity and Diversity and the Department of Human Resources to determine what further action may be warranted.

2. Internal Applicants

Hiring authorities are encouraged to consider internal applicants who either meet the minimum and preferred qualifications and/or are as equally qualified as external applicants. The review of internal applicants should consider appropriate factors including, but not limited to, the length of continuous University service, performance evaluations, work-related awards and achievements, relevant work experience, and education/training. Hiring Officials may request that a position be posted internally according to the Support Personnel, A&P, and Non-Instructional Faculty, Internal Position Vacancy Announcement option; all pools must be certified by the Director of Equity and Compliance .

3. Veterans’ Preference Applicants – Support Personnel Positions Only

Florida law provides “veterans’ preference” for certain military veterans when an applicant in the pool has completed a Veterans’ Preference Claim form, provided a copy of their DD214 Form (military separation document), and qualifies for Florida Veterans' Preference. The applicant must be interviewed if announced minimum qualifications are met. Human Resources will identify qualified applicants and notify the chair of the search committee or interview panel.

D. Visiting, Adjunct Faculty and OPS Appointments

These types of appointments are exempt from the announcement of vacancy requirement and do not require the formation of a Search and Screen Committee.

1. Appointees should possess the necessary education, skills and experience at the level required by the position.

2. The selection procedure should be designed so that there is no adverse impact based on sex, race, religion, marital status, national origin, veteran’s status, age, disability, ethnicity or membership. The selection criteria should be clearly job related.

3. Individuals appointed in these positions are frequently qualified for positions announced through Search and Screen Guidelines and successfully compete for such positions.

4. Employees must contact Human Resources, complete an application through SOAR, and complete their new employee sign on.

Visiting Appointments

1. Appointments are for a period not to exceed one (1) year unless the position was recruited in accordance with the Search and Screen Guidelines and the appointee was a candidate in the applicant pool.

2. Appointees must provide official transcripts, showing their highest degree awarded, before appointment.

3. The hiring official completes the Appointment Form for the appropriate job classification (Faculty or A&P) and circulates the form to obtain the appropriate signatures. The completed form is submitted to the Department of Human Resources.

Adjunct Professors

1. Adjunct applications are presented directly to the appropriate Academic Dean, Chair or their respective designees.

2. Adjunct faculty must have completed at least eighteen (18) graduate semester hours in the teaching discipline and hold at least a masters degree, or hold the minimum of a masters degree with a major in the teaching discipline. Adjunct faculty teaching courses at the masters and specialist degree level must hold the terminal degree, usually an earned doctorate. Exceptions must be documented according to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) requirements and must be approved by the appropriate division, department, dean and the Provost.

3. The hiring official completes the Adjunct or Overload Agreement and circulates the form to obtain the appropriate signatures. The completed form is submitted to the Department of Human Resources.

Temporary Employment (non Adjunct)

1. Temporary employment appointments are defined as temporary, non-benefit earning (OPS) and may be made by a hiring official without the requirement to follow the search and screen process.

2. Temporary employment vacancies may be advertised through Human Resources.

3. Time served in an Temporary employment appointment may be counted as appropriate experience when applying for a Staff Support or A&P position.

4. The hiring official completes the Temporary Appointment Personnel/Payroll Action (OPS) Form and circulates the form to obtain the appropriate signatures. The completed form is submitted to the Department of Human Resources.

5. The hiring official notifies OPS employees to complete sign on with Human Resources.


A. Applicant Pool Certification

The Director of Equity and Compliance or designee must certify the applicant pool prior to the consideration of candidates and selection of individuals to be interviewed. The purpose of the review is to identify whether the applicant pool, as self-identified through SOAR, reflects adequate representation of members of protected classes. Applicant pools that include such representation shall routinely be certified.

In those instances where such representation is lacking and there is no evidence of active recruitment efforts beyond the placement of advertisements, the Director of Equity and Compliance may recommend to the hiring official that the search period be extended to allow for additional recruitment. If the hiring official does not accept the recommendation, the Director of Equity and Compliance shall forward the original recommendation to the next appropriate level administrator for a final written decision.

B. Interview Pool Certification

The Director of Equity and Diversity or designee must certify the interview pool prior to scheduling any interviews. If no identifiable members of protected classes appear on the submitted list, the Director of Equity and Diversity may request that the committee review the full applicant pool again to determine if any qualified minority or female applicants should be reconsidered before certifying the interview pool. Generally, at least three (3) candidates should be recommended for interview.

If there are any changes made to the certified interview pool by the hiring official or search committee, these changes shall be approved by the Director of Equity and Compliance .


1. Upon certification of the interview pool and prior to conducting interviews, the search committee should determine:

a. The type of interviews that will be conducted (telephone, on campus, etc.). Telephone or video conferencing interviews may be conducted prior to on campus interviews unless all candidates are local. The type of interview must be conducted in the same manner for all candidates being advanced through the process. (If telephone interviews will be used, all candidates being advanced must be given a telephone interview, etc.). Search committee chairs are encouraged to send questions for telephone and on campus interviews to Human Resources for their review well in advance of the interview times.

b. Specific core job-related questions to be asked of all interviewees.

c. Who will lead the discussion/questioning.

d. Whether the candidate will be asked to give a presentation in his/her area of expertise. It is strongly recommended that faculty be required to give a presentation or otherwise provide evidence of teaching ability.

e. Whether discussion of each candidate will follow the conclusion of the interview or be held until the last interview is completed.

e. Who will host the candidate for on campus interviews.

f. Who, in addition to the committee members and hiring official, will interview the candidate and whether there is specific information that the committee seeks from specific audiences (i.e., student reactions to teaching style at a symposium, assessment of an applicant's research records from a dean).

2. The search committee chair will request that candidates invited to interview on campus bring copies of unofficial transcripts with them and to have official transcripts submitted to Human Resources.

3. Hiring officials, if not on the screening committee, may take part in the committee interview process and/or conduct an individual interview with the candidate. In all cases however, the committee shall conduct its deliberations on the candidates on an independent basis, and shall provide a summary of the basis for its final recommendations.

4. Where feasible, each candidate invited to interview should be provided with the following information prior to the interview:

a. a packet of material/information pertaining to the position vacancy
• A&P and Support Personnel positions - a copy of the job description
• Faculty positions - as much information as possible regarding courses and course levels to be taught; expected program development, etc.
b. a packet of materials/information describing the University;
c. a clear itinerary for the campus visit (who, when, where, etc.);
d. a copy of the interview schedule and who (by name and position) will interview them; and
e. whether or not a presentation is expected.

5. It is important to remember that all candidates should be treated similarly throughout the interview process, regardless of whether they are local or out of town applicants, or from within or outside of the University.

6. No offer of employment will be made during the interview. The posted salary range may be discussed, but no commitments may be made. If possible, candidates should be given a time frame in which they can anticipate hearing that a final selection has been made.

7. For some positions travel expenses may be approved as a University expense. In those instances the Committee Chair should arrange as much of the reimbursable travel as possible using available University travel agency services. Candidates who have been approved for travel expenses should receive reimbursement without undue delays.


Under the Title I (employment) Regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the University cannot refuse to hire qualified people with disabilities simply on the basis of the disability. Under the law, an individual with a disability is a person who has:

• a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities;
• a record of such an impairment; or
• is regarded as having such an impairment.

An applicant or employee who meets this definition of disability must be provided reasonable accommodation in the application and employment process. The applicant or employee must request an accommodation; a search committee shall not assume that an applicant who appears to have a disability will require accommodation if it is not requested.

If an applicant requests an accommodation in the employment process, the committee chair shall contact the Director of Human Resources and the Director of Equity and Diversity. The applicant should have input into the type of accommodation provided, but the University has the ultimate decision in the specifics of how the disability will be accommodated.


After the interviews have been completed and discussed, the committee shall reach an agreement regarding the final recommendation of candidates. The final recommendation to the hiring official shall reflect the rationale upon which the committee based its decision.

If people not on the committee participated in the interviews, input from these interviewers will be considered as the committee makes its decision.

When possible, the committee shall usually recommend a minimum of two unranked candidates to the hiring official.


1. The hiring official shall complete the appointment form via SOAR and submit the recommended candidate, including the salary range to be used for negotiation, to the Dean/Director. If the Dean/Director agrees with the recommendation, it will be forwarded to Human Resources to obtain other appropriate approvals (Budget, Academic Affairs, Sponsored Research). After the approvals the recommendation will be sent to Director of Equity and Diversity for review. The recommended rank for faculty appointments must be approved by the Dean of the College prior to being presented to the Director of Equity and Diversity. The recommended salary range for negotiation shall not exceed either budgeted rate on line or the maximum advertised salary. Requests to negotiate a salary offer that exceeds the budgeted rate on line shall require approval by the University Budget Office and, when applicable, the Academic Affairs Budget Office.

Note: If the hiring official wishes to select a candidate not recommended by the committee, the hiring official should discuss the rationale for this decision with the committee chair, Provost or division vice president and the Director of Equity and Diversity , prior to extending an offer. Ultimate authority remains with the vice president. In cases where the hiring official is a vice president or direct report to the President, the final authority is the President.

2. After evaluating the selected applicant and the proposed terms of the offer, the Director of Equity and Diversity will inform the hiring authority of his/her support of the offer or of any questions to be considered prior to the extending of a verbal offer.

3. The hiring official may then contact the candidate and extend a verbal offer and negotiate the salary within the approved range and any other conditions of the offer.

4. Following the required approvals and the acceptance of the verbal offer, the hiring official must complete the Appointment Form located in SOAR for the appropriate job classification (Faculty, A&P, Support Personnel). Information on the Appointment Form should reflect duties and any and all special conditions listed in either the posting details or the position description. The Appointment Form is then submitted through SOAR to Human Resources for processing.

5. The hiring official or committee chair shall forward completed reference sheets for the applicant being extended the offer to Human Resources, as well as completed, reference sheets for all other interviewed candidates.


The Department of Human Resources prepares the Letter of Offer when the SOAR Appointment Form has been completed and approved. It is in this letter that any conditions of employment (skills testing, medical testing, appointment status, etc.) are stated. The information for the initial duties of the position and any and all special conditions are taken from the submitted Appointment Form.

The Letter of Offer is signed by the appropriate vice president or other direct report to the President for faculty and A&P positions, and by the Director of Human Resources for Support Personnel positions.

If the selected candidate declines the position, the position may be reannounced or the hiring official may choose to make an offer to another interviewed candidate.

If official transcripts have not been received in the Department of Human Resources, the Letter of Offer will include a statement that official transcripts must be received as a condition of employment.


It is the responsibility of the committee chair to provide ALL search committee documents to the Department of Human Resources for retention. These records include, but are not limited to, letters of reference, meeting minutes, criteria checklists, reference checks, and correspondence and are subject to Florida Public Records Law, Chapter 119, Florida Statutes. State policy requires that such search committee records be maintained for two (2) years after the position is filled, provided there is no pending complaint or litigation. It is the responsibility of the search committee chair to make certain that all materials have been forwarded to Human Resources.

Revised April 2005


Please see the FGCU Policy on Criminal Background Checks.


Employing Department
Submit request to the Director of Human Resources or designee, through the respective Vice President, to include security background check, including fingerprinting, as a prerequisite of employment for those positions requested by the hiring authority.

Vice President
Review departmental listing of positions being requested for security background checks and fingerprinting. Forward recommended requests to the Director of Human Resources for approval.

Department of Human Resources
Review and approve request to include an addendum to the individual position description designating security background check and fingerprinting as a position requirement.

All vacant position postings shall specify security background checks, including fingerprinting, as a prerequisite of employment.

Review the fingerprint report and determine compliance with standards of good moral character.

University Police Department
Applicants shall be fingerprinted by the University Police Department, who shall submit the fingerprints to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for processing.

Eff. 12/96


To establish a policy and procedure to verify references and educational requirements of final candidate(s) for all positions. At a minimum, the employment history, attainment of educational degrees, possession of required valid licensure/certificates and other references will be verified on all final candidates prior to employment. In addition, references (including present supervisor) should be contacted by phone with a list of basic questions such as work ethic, practices, etc. Official transcripts are required for all faculty, A&P and Support Personnel employees in positions requiring a degree or diploma and will be included in official personnel file.

References checks will be conducted by the hiring authority, the Search and Screen Committee, or designee(s).


Hiring Official/ Search and Screen Committee or designee
Conduct reference checks on final candidate(s) and communicate findings to the hiring official. Documentation of the reference checks should be forwarded to Human Resources for inclusion in the employee's personnel file or in the Search & Screen Committee files.

Employment Reference Verification

Eff. 12/96