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March, 2008

Long Term Disability Special Open Enrollment
A Special Open Enrollment for Long Term Disability Insurance offered through The Gabor Agency is underway.  The enrollment period began March 3rd and will continue through May 31st, 2008. Informational brochures have been distributed to eligible employees and informational sessions were held to better inform FGCU employees of this special opportunity. 

During this Special Open Enrollment period you have the opportunity to "insure" your paycheck through Long Term Disability Insurance.  This program provides 2/3 of your university income, tax-free, in the event that you are unable to work due to injury or illness, after the 30 or 90-day elimination period has been met.  Please note that if you do not elect coverage during this special enrollment period, evidence of insurability will be required to enroll at a later date.

To those of you who are currently enrolled in Long Term Disability, you may elect to change your elimination period option (from the 90 to the 30-day or from the 30 to the 90-day), without health questions, during this special enrollment period.

For further inquiries please call Human Resources at 590-1400 or contact Aaron Cheesman of The Gabor Agency directly at 850-321-3790 or via email at

Sick Leave Pool Special Open Enrollment

The Open Enrollment for the Sick Leave Pool is now through June 1, 2008.

In conjunction with the Gabor Agency Special Long Term Disability Insurance open enrollment, the FGCU Sick Leave Pool Committee is offering a special open enrollment for eligible employees to join the Sick Leave Pool. "Insuring your pay check" is an important consideration in the event that you become ill and can't work.  The Sick Leave Pool is an excellent way to bridge the waiting period that is required by the Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance plan.  Membership in the Pool can help reduce the bi-weekly premium for LTD coverage because you can select the more economical 90-day LTD waiting period plan.

All eligible Faculty, A&P and USPS employees will receive an email notification and application form shortly inviting them to join the Sick Leave Pool.  To join, an employee must have completed at least one year of service and have a minimum of 64 hours of personal sick leave at the time of enrollment. It takes only 8 hours of your sick leave to join the Pool.  It is almost FREE, considering the benefit membership in the Pool provides.

The Sick Leave Pool is an independent voluntary program that provides members with the protection of applying for additional sick leave hours for a serious personal health condition when the Pool member has used all of his or her personal leave balances. To date, thirty-one (31) members have experienced a serious illness or injury and they needed to apply to the Pool to remain in pay status.  Those Pool members have been granted over 8,000 sick leave hours!  That is over 1,000 days that these Pool members were able to remain in pay status!

If you have not considered joining the Sick Leave Pool, you are missing a great benefit that could mean the critical difference in the future if you become sick.  We never expect to need a benefit like the one the Pool provides.  However, even if you never personally need to request Pool hours, your membership will continue to help your colleagues who are less fortunate.

Watch for the enrollment invitation and JOIN THE SICK LEAVE POOL.


Domestic Violence Leave Policy
The Human Resources Dept. would like to make you aware of a new domestic violence leave law passed by the Florida Legislature in July 2007.  This law contains two components.  The law requires the University to allow employees to take three (3) working days of unpaid leave for specific reasons if the employee or a family member is the victim of domestic violence.   Examples of those specific reasons are: to obtain medical care, seek an injunction for protection, secure new housing and/or seek legal assistance.  (Accrued leave may be used if available.)

Further, under no circumstances may an employer take any disciplinary action against the employee as it relates to the use of the domestic violence leave. 

Full details of the leave are outlined in the policy on the HR website. Click here to view the policy.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other policies, please contact Human Resources at 590-1400. 

Volunteers on Campus
Do you have volunteers working in your department, college or unit?  If so, have they completed an Eagle Volunteer application and the Volunteer Acknowledgement form?

All University volunteers are required to complete the forms mentioned above.  Completed forms must be submitted to Human Resources and are available online via the following links:

Eagle Volunteer Application
Volunteer Acknowledgement form

For the University's policy on Volunteers, please click here.

If you are unsure whether a current volunteer has completed the required paperwork, please contact HR at 590-1400.

Flexible Spending Accounts Claims Filing Deadline
The deadline for filing medical and/or dependent care reimbursement account claims for Plan Year 2007 is Tuesday, April 15th.

Click here to download the claim form which includes filing instructions on page 2.

Please note the following:
Claims with postmarks or faxes date stamped after April 15, 2008, will not be honored.
Any Plan Year 2007 employee contributions remaining in your account after eligible claims have been processed are forfeited.

People First Password Reset
Effective April 12, 2008, new password requirements will be implemented for logging in to the People First system.

Starting April 12, 2008, when logging in, you will be required to select three security questions and provide answers.  These will be used to verify your identity and allow you to unlock your user ID and/or reset your password.

When your current People First password expires, or the next time you choose to change your password, you will be required to create an eight-character, alpha-numeric password to log in to People First.  Click here to review the new password guidelines.  For security reasons, passwords will continue to expire every 90 days. 

Additionally, beginning April 12, 2008, when you call the People First Service Center, you will be prompted to enter the following information, instead of your password, to verify your identity:

The last five digits of your social security number.
Your six-digit date of birth in MMDDYY format; for example, June 29, 1975 would be entered as 062975. 

Blood Drive

The next FGCU Blood drive will be held on Wednesday, April 16th, from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Click here for additional information and for instructions on how to sign up to donate blood.

EPAFs Are Coming!
Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAFs) are coming to FGCU!

In the near future, the majority of HR personnel transactions that are currently sent to HR via paper appointment forms will be processed via EPAFs. Over the past year, the Colleges have been our pilot for selected personnel transactions. We are excited to expand this environmentally-friendly process throughout the University.

Keep watching for further updates regarding this important process change.

New Employee Orientation CD
The Human Resources Department recently introduced our New Employee Orientation CD, which is designed to provide an effective, flexible and timely means of orienting new employees (Faculty, A&P, and USPS) to the University.  New employees receive a copy of the Orientation CD with their employment offer letter, and therefore have an opportunity to learn about the institution and the Southwest Florida community at their leisure prior to arrival. 

New employees may access, review and complete the orientation program at their convenience from any computer, whether at work or at home.   The program provides a wealth of information about the University, and includes links (in an organized fashion from the perspective of a new employee), to websites of key areas within FGCU.  In addition, through this means of delivery employees will have the opportunity to review the information on an ongoing basis for further reference.

Our thanks to David Jaeger, Director Instructional Services, for partnering with us in the development of this innovative approach to employee orientation.  Current employees who may have interest in viewing the CD are asked to contact Sherry Voss or 590-1417.

Workers' Compensation

All work related injuries are to be reported immediately to your supervisor and to Human Resources at 590-1400. If your injury occurs outside regular business hours, please contact the University's workers' compensation provider, Corvel, to report the injury directly. Corvel's toll free number for reporting First Notice of Injury is 1-866-786-3351. A Corvel representative will promptly assist you in selecting a primary care physician from their provider network and arrange a medical appointment for you. Additionally, at the first opportunity, please notify Human Resources.

In a medical emergency, please call University Police at 590-1911. The University Police Department staff are trained to handle emergency situations and can arrange for emergency transportation, if necessary.

Additional information regarding Workers' Compensation procedures can be found here.

Employee Discounts
The Human Resources web page has a link showing the Employee Discounts offered to faculty and staff. You can find discounts to area restaurants, hotels, entertainment vendors, etc. This page is continually up-dated, and Human Resources is reorganizing the page to categorize discounts into a more user-friendly format. The University publicizes these discounts as a courtesy, but does not endorse any vendor.