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April, 2009

HR's New Home

The Department of Human Resources is very happy to announce our relocation to Modular 2 on Monday, April 27th. Your patience and understanding during the move will be greatly appreciated, and we will respond to your emails and phone calls as quickly as possible. Watch for further announcements regarding our Open House and any meeting/training location changes. 

New Support Personnel Timesheet

In response to comments we’ve received from staff members, a new and improved Support Personnel Timesheet is now available in the Forms section of the HR website. The unique features include: 1) Automatic population of work dates in Week 1 and Week 2 when the Pay Period End date is entered;   2) Automatic addition of weekly hours worked.

New HR/Payroll Email Address

 In order to respond to your inquiries in a timely manner, all payroll related questions should now be sent to Since most payroll issues are date sensitive, this will enable us to address your question even when the staff member you are accustomed to dealing with is away from the office.

Official Postings now on HR Website

It was reported in the February 2009 issue of HR Updates that all federal and state posters that are required by law to be posted on campus are now available on the home page of the HR website.  This will now serve as the official location for all required notices.

Changing Address or Emergency Contact Information

When your address, telephone number or emergency contact information changes, it is very important that HR be notified as soon as possible. We now offer a convenient online process to submit your updates. Simply go to the HR website, and click on “Contact Us” under the HR Staff and Services menu.

To change your home address, emergency contact information or telephone number, locate the Office Function “Home Address and Telephone Change” and click on Debbie Lennox’s name beside it. An email addressed to Debbie with a subject of Home Address/Telephone Changes will pop up in which you can fill in the new information. The top portion is for address/telephone changes, and the bottom portion is for emergency contact changes. Please note that your Emergency Contact’s information will not be automatically updated unless you complete the Emergency Contact section.

If the only change you need to make is to your Emergency Contact information, locate the Office Function “Emergency Contact Information” and click on Debbie Lennox’s name beside it. Again, an email addressed to Debbie with a subject of Emergency Contact Information will pop up, on which you can provide the new information.

 It is recommended that you send either of these emails from your FGCU email account, so that your identity can be verified. If it is not received from your FGCU email address, you will be contacted through your FGCU email account for confirmation that you made the request.

EPAF Update

HR has gone green with EPAFs (Electronic Personnel Action Forms), and we are excited to roll them out to the entire University community this fall. The academic units have been using EPAFs since the Summer 2006 term to electronically submit three personnel action types to HR.  In March, HR conducted training for EPAF Originators and Approvers to review the process for Summer Faculty Contracts and introduce nineteen new EPAF transaction types. All EPAF documentation and information may be found on the HR website Please check the site regularly for updates and any new resources.

Retirement Options Updates

Please refer to the Retirement Options section under Benefits on the HR website for updates regarding the Florida Retirement System and VALIC. Over the last several weeks the media has reported a projected deficit in the Florida Retirement System Pension Plan Trust Fund. To read the FRS response and find answers to the questions you may have regarding this plan and to learn about the decision to rebrand AIG to VALIC, go to the bottom of the Retirement Options page.


Advancement in Education

In order to ensure that your personnel record accurately reflects your educational accomplishments, if you have furthered your education since you began your employment with FGCU, please have an official copy of your transcript of the highest degree earned submitted to the university. Transcripts should be mailed by the degree granting institution directly to FGCU's Department of Human Resources.