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July, 2009

Calendar of Payroll Training

Human Resources is pleased to announce the addition of monthly HR/Payroll Liaison Training and semi-monthly training for OPS Web Time Entry.   

The HR/Payroll Liaison Training is designed for new departmental Payroll Liaisons or new supervisors who approve OPS time entry via Banner or Gulfline. Registration is required.

The OPS Web Time Entry Training is being offered to assist new OPS employees in navigating Gulfline in order to enter and submit their work hours.  No preregistration is required.

Click here for the training schedule and registration link which is available on the HR Website, General Payroll Information page.

EPAF Helpful "Hands-on" Sessions for Originators and Approvers

“Come one, come all”, for hands-on assistance with your EPAF transactions or to get answers to any new EPAF questions! Not only has Beth Hill been cooking up innovative ways to streamline the EPAF process, she is also planning to cook up some special treats for you to enjoy while working together on some of your more challenging transactions. Who could forget those almost-famous cookies that Beth prepared for the last EPAF training!

The first hands-on session will be held on Aug. 12th from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. in Reed Hall, Rm. 144. The second session will be held on Aug. 19th from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. in Ben Hill Griffin, Rm. 111. There is no need to reserve a seat; just bring your transactions any time during those hours. We look forward to working with you!

New Direct Deposit Option "Roll-out"

HR/Payroll is pleased to announce a new direct deposit feature. Beginning with the first pay in August, you may now deposit your paycheck into two different bank accounts. In order to add the second account to your banking information, complete the ‘Direct Deposit Authorization form’ which is located on the Forms page of the HR website.

Payroll Certification Audits Beginning Soon

Beginning in August, the HR/Payroll staff will be conducting Payroll Certification audits in every College/Department. A notification will be sent approximately two weeks before the scheduled audit.

For a list of documents that departments are required to retain and suggested filing methods, click here.

Eagle ID Card Process for Terminating Employees

There has been some confusion regarding whether a supervisor is required to collect the Eagle ID card from a terminating employee. It is not necessary for the supervisor to collect the Eagle ID card as there may be funds available on the employee’s account that can be used after separation from employment. Access to systems and buildings will be deactivated through the separation process. For OPS employees, please refer to the article below entitled “Separation Process for OPS Employees.”

HR Website Enhancements

Forms Section

As a result of recommendations received from the Support Staff in the College of Professional Studies, the Forms page on the HR website has a new look. We acknowledge and very much appreciate their input. We invite you to visit our webpage, where you will find that you now have the ability to search for a form by name or by category. If you have a suggestion to improve the functionality of our website, we welcome all ideas. Please submit any suggestions or comments to Lynn Congdon.

Payroll Section

The General Payroll Information page has been greatly expanded to better assist you with your timekeeping functions. In addition to the Payroll Calendar section, the page now includes a link to the University’s Payroll Guidelines Policy, a Support Personnel & OPS Work Time Reporting Section, a Schedule of OPS Web Time Training Session Section, FAQ’s and HR/Payroll Staff contact information.

The Support Personnel Timesheet is now conveniently located at the top of the Support Personnel & OPS Work Time Reporting section.  In order to ensure that you are using the correct timesheet when reporting your time, we recommend that you retrieve the template from this site each pay period.

Payroll FAQ’s

Within the Support Personnel & OPS Work Time reporting section is a link to the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) received by Human Resources. We encourage you to review these questions when you encounter a Payroll issue. If your question is not answered, please contact the HR/Payroll staff for guidance. We will continue to up-date the list as questions are received.

Coming Soon! Professional Development Webpage

In the final stages of development, employees will soon be able to find information on the HR website regarding professional development at FGCU. Key elements will include information on available programs, registration, online performance management tools, a Manager’s Toolkit for individuals new to a management role at FGCU, a Knowledge Center providing references and resources, and links to other FGCU professional development resources. Stay tuned for further announcements.

Outside Employment/Activity Reporting

According to University Regulation, FGCU-PR5.012, Outside Employment/Activities, an employee engaged in any outside employment or activity, for which there is compensation, must complete and submit a Request for Approval of Outside Employment Activity Form. Additionally, an employee engaged in uncompensated activities that may create a conflict of interest must also complete the aforementioned form. If there is a question of whether an activity could involve a conflict of interest, the employee should seek approval.

Annual approval for an outside employment or activity is also required. If the outside employment or activity is to extend beyond June 30 or to exceed one year, a new form must be submitted prior to July 1 of each new fiscal year. (Faculty covered by the UFF Bargaining Agreement must submit a report at the beginning of each academic year for continuing outside activity previously reported; prior to beginning a new employment or activity; and at such time as there is a significant change in a reported activity (nature, extent, funding, etc.)

Separation Process for OPS Employees

Given the nature of OPS employment, departments are responsible for managing the separation of OPS employees. Departments are reminded to contact Physical Plant and Auxiliary Services to deactivate access to rooms, buildings and copy services.  Prior to deactivating an OPS employee’s email account, please confirm that the employee is not employed by any other department on campus.

People First Updates

Please note that on July 18, 2009, changes were implemented to the People First Interactive Voice Response system (IVR).  When you call in for the first time it is extremely important that you listen closely to the options in all menus to make sure you make the correct selection (selections have been changed in some menus).  Additionally, please note that you will now hear an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) message. Our University is not covered under the State EAP contract that is mentioned within the IVR.  Nothing has changed with the FGCU EAP plan, so please disregard this IVR message. 

If Internet Explorer (IE) 8 is installed on a work or personal computer that is used to access People First, you should activate IE 8 in compatibility mode. By using this mode, you should be able to perform most functions within People First. However, you will still experience some issues; for example, some pop-up documents and messages may not launch, some scroll bars may not work with the mouse, etc. To use the compatibility mode with IE 8, you should go to , then select “Compatibility View” within the Tools menu. If you encounter any problems accessing People First from your University computer, please call the Help Desk at ext. 1188.

FRS Updates

As an FRS member, you have access to free, confidential help.

Call 1-866-446-9377 (TTY 1-888-429-2160), Option 2, to speak with an Ernst & Young financial planner.

Visit - Login to and access the ADVISOR SERVICE to create your personal retirement forecast.  The ADVISOR SERVICE is at your disposal 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

What can the Advisor Service do for me?

The free online ADVISOR SERVICE creates a picture of your current financial situation and helps you answer the following questions:

  • Will I have enough money to retire?
  • How do I invest my retirement savings?
  • How do I stay on track to achieve my goals?

Depending on whether you are in the FRS Pension Plan or FRS Investment Plan, the ADVISOR SERVICE gives you access to a host of important retirement planning information. You can even include investment accounts outside the FRS such as your 457, 403(b), or IRA accounts to get a better picture of where you stand financially. Your FRS data has been preloaded to save you time.

If you need help getting set up, you can call the toll-free MyFRS Financial Guidance Line at 1-866-446-9377 (TTY 1-888-429-2160), select Option 2, and a financial planner will assist you.