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March, 2010

New Member - HR Records Team

Beginning April 5th, Rachel Carden will join the HR EPAF and Records Team. Rachel has worked for Human Resources since June of 2004. She received her bachelor’s degree and is currently pursuing a Masters in Education from FGCU. Rachel is currently working as Benefits Assistant within HR and has organized the FGCU Benefits Fair for the last 3 years. It is with pleasure that we welcome Rachel to the HR Records Team.

Rachel will be the HR liaison for Academic Affairs Administration; College of Arts and Sciences; College of Professional Studies; Student Affairs; and WGCU. Sandy Zablackas is the HR liaison for Advancement; Administrative Services; Athletics; College of Business; College of Education; College of Health Professions; Library Services; and the President’s Office.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Beth Hill, Manager, HR Records Administration at 590-1406. We strive to provide the best possible service to the University Community; therefore your comments are greatly appreciated.

Prior Approval for Attending Professional Development Programs

All employees are strongly encouraged to attend programs that promote professional and personal growth. The department head and/or supervisor should be informed of your interest in attending the professional development program.  Requests to attend should not be unreasonably denied. However, there may be instances in which attendance at a specific program or event may be denied due to the needs of the department.

Outside Activity Reporting Requirement

According to University Regulation, FGCU-PR5.012, Outside Employment/Activities, an employee engaged in any outside employment or activity, for which there is compensation, must complete and submit a Request for Approval of Outside Employment Activity Form. Additionally, an employee engaged in uncompensated activities that may create a conflict of interest must also complete the aforementioned form. If there is a question of whether an activity could involve a conflict of interest, the employee should report the activity.

Annual approval for an outside employment or activity is also required. If the outside employment or activity is to extend beyond June 30 or to exceed one year, a new form must be submitted prior to July 1 of each new fiscal year.

Faculty covered by the UFF Bargaining Agreement should refer to Article 19.4 for details on the reporting of outside activity.

Important Message From the Division of Retirement

The Florida Retirement System (FRS) and the Department of Management Services (DMS) know that proposed legislation affecting FRS members’ benefits is getting a lot of attention, and we want to do our best to keep our members informed and up-to-date. FRS, DMS Legislative Affairs and the DMS Leadership Team carefully monitor all legislation affecting our agency and our customers.

We ask everyone to remember the legislative process is lengthy, and proposed legislation undergoes many changes before becoming law.  For a bill to become law, it must pass both chambers of the legislature and is then sent to the governor for action. The governor can sign the bill, allow the bill to become law without signature, or veto the bill.

Because there are still many steps remaining in the 2010 legislative process, we encourage members to stay informed and be patient. Making changes to your retirement plans based only on proposed legislation may turn out to be costly and unnecessary.  We encourage you to stay up-to-date on all proposed legislation impacting FRS members and their benefits.

The 2010 Legislation page of the FRS Web site includes a summary of all bills impacting the FRS.  From this page, you can track bills’ progress by following the links in the bill numbers to the Florida House or Senate bill pages. FRS and DMS continue to closely monitor the legislative process, and we will inform our members through our Web site as soon as any bills are passed that affect retirement benefits. We appreciate your patience during this time.

 Thank you,

 The Division of Retirement

Personal Holiday for Support Personnel Staff
If you haven't already taken your personal holiday during the current fiscal year, don't forget to take it before July 1st. Personal Holidays are not carried over from one fiscal year to the next. If you don't use it, you lose it!

If you can’t remember if you have taken your personal holiday, click here to log in to Gulfline and access your leave history.

People First Changes Coming Soon

Coming in July 2010, People First will have a new look and feel to make it easier and quicker to complete your state-sponsored benefit enrollments and changes.

The first thing you’ll notice is a new People First logo that ‘pops’ against the new look of the Web site’s login page. That page will include an easy-to-read message center, where we can post information that you need to know, like Open Enrollment dates, for example.   In addition, the home page will show items that need your attention, like missing dependent documentation.

We understand that when you’re familiar with something and it changes, it can be unsettling.  But after a few days, you hardly remember what it used to look like and you begin to appreciate and enjoy the changes.  We expect that same experience for you with the new and improved People First site. You will log in the same way, with your current user ID and password, and quickly find your way through the site.

Watch for more information as the July implementation gets closer!

Drug-Free Workplace

Florida Gulf Coast University’s Drug-Free Workplace/Schools Policy was promulgated to comply with the Drug-Free Workplace Act adopted by Congress in 1988 and the Drug-Free Schools Communities Act Amendments of 1989, Public Law 101-226. The regulations require publication of a policy statement notifying students and employees of the University’s Drug-Free Workplace/Schools Policy and establishment of a drug prevention program.

We are committed to providing an academic and workplace environment free of the illegal use and abuse of alcohol and the manufacture, sale, purchase, use, possession, or distribution of illicit drugs in and on FGCU owned or controlled property. Florida Law prohibits the sale or distribution of illicit drugs within a 200-foot perimeter of the University property. Further information regarding the health risks associated with substance abuse, available drug and alcohol counseling, treatment, or conduct and penalties for violations are available on the main HR page by clicking here.

Your help is needed to ensure compliance with this policy. Faculty or staff with questions regarding the policy should contact the Department of Human Resources at 239-590-1400.