September 2013
State Moves Forward with Affordable Care Act, Important Open Enrollment information, Changes to ePAF processes, 2013 Faculty and Staff Salary Increase Program, Reporting status changes
June 2012
Retirement Changes, New TIAA-CREF representative, Advancement in Education, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Name change, Employee Service Awards and important Annual Notices
January 2012
Medco-Pharmacy Benefit Manager, Minimum Wage Increase, FRS Workshop Webcasts, 2012 403b Deferral Limits, New Relocation Website
Special Edition - Open Enrollment Updates 2
People First ID, Long Term Disability Seminars, 2012 Plan Year Open Enrollment Key Dates, Newly Hired Employees and Qualifying Status Change Events after the Open Enrollment Snapshot
Special Edition - Open Enrollment Updates 1
Important Open Enrollment Information, United Healthcare Update, Medco - New Pharmacy Benefit Manager, Behavioral Health Benefits for PPO Plan Members
Special Edition - September 2011
General Information Summary
Special Edition - Sept 2011
General Information Summary
Special Open Enrollment Issue
Open Enrollment Information
June 2011
Special Edition - Retirement Plan Changes
August 2008

Benefit Open Enrollment; Employee Handbook Updates; "Getting on Board with Human Resources" Program; 

April 2011
MRA Card Suspension Notice, Social Security Number Requirement for State Group Health Insurance Plan and important Annual Notices
October 2010
Important life insurance open enrollment information.
August 2010
Special Open Enrollment Issue
Special Edition - People First System Upgrade
QSCs that expire during system downtime, who can answer questions, QSCs that start prior to the system downtime and expire after the system comes back on-line, New QSCs that occur during system downtime, Supported Web Browsers with the Upgraded People First System, Address Changes
July, 2010
System Downtime to Implement People First Upgrade, Optional Life Insurance Change, New Member - HR Benefits Team, Employee Discount Program
June 2010
People First Changes, Health/Life Benefit Changes, Message from DSGI Director, Employment & Classification Team Changes, FGCU Employee Service Award Recognition
Special Edition - June 2010
General Information Summary
March 2010
Message from the Division of Retirement Regarding Proposed FRS legislation; Personal Holiday For Support Personnel Staff; New Member - HR Records Team; People First Changes Coming Soon; Prior Approval for Attending Professional Development Programs;  Outside Activity Reporting Requirement; Drug-Free Workplace Policy
February 2010
HR Records Team Changes, W-2 Reprints on Gulfline, Reminder to Supervisors- Employees Must Complete "Getting-On-Board", Professional Development on HR Website, FSA Reimbursement Deadlines, MS Walk, People First Access for MAC or Firefox Users
September 2009
Special Open Enrollment Issue
July 2009
HR/Payroll Training, EPAF Training, New Direct Deposit Option, HR Website Enhancements, People First and FRS Updates
Special Edition - June 2009
Work Time Recordkeeping Requirements
April 2009
HR's New Home, New Support Personnel Timesheet, EPAF Update, New HR/Payroll Email Address, Changing Home Address or Contact Information, Retirement Options Updates
February 2009
New HR Payroll Policy, Attending SAC Meetings, New Workers' Comp Carrier, FMLA Up-date, New Minimum Wage, Reporting Work Time, Holiday Schedule
Special Edition - August 2008
2008-2009 Salary Increase Guidelines
September 2008
Open Enrollment information
March 2008
Domestic Violence Leave Policy, Volunteers, People First Password Reset, EPAF's and more...
Special Edition - October 2007
2007-2008 Salary Increase Guidelines
September 2007
Open Enrollment Issue includes Open Enrollment Dates, Benefits Fair, 2008 Plan Changes, and much more.
September 2006, Issue 3
Sick Leave Pool Open Enrollment, Additional Open Enrollment Information
New Employee Edition
New Hire Paperwork, During your first Week, Benefits, and more.
November 2006, Issue 4
Long Term Disability, Holiday Schedule, 2007 Payroll Calendar, Florida Prepaid College Plan