New Employee Edition

New Hire Paperwork
  • Your offer letter includes information about your "Employee Sign-On" scheduled appointment.

  • During your "Employee Sign-On" session you will be asked to supply original I-9 identification. You will find the I-9 form and a list of acceptable identification in the payroll sign-on packet. You must also bring a copy of your social security card for W4 purposes if you will not be supplying it as original documentation.

  • For expedited service, download and fill out all payroll sign-on forms before your scheduled "Employee Sign-On" session.

  • Bring a voided check to enroll in mandatory payroll direct deposit.

Faculty Deferred Pay Benefit
  • If you are a 9 month faculty member you may elect to have your salary paid over 12 months ("Deferred pay").

  • There is a limited enrollment period and you must return the signed paperwork to Human Resources by August 1 to select this option. After this date, the deferred pay option is not available until the next academic year.

  • Please contact a Human Resources representative for more information.

During Your 1st Week
  • You will meet with your department to discuss your job expectations and position description, if applicable.

  • Your department will request your email, network log-on, keys and/or your phone number.

  • You may visit the Eagle ID office in the Cohen Center, Room 152 for your ID card. Please allow 48 hours after your payroll sign-on.

  • Take a tour of the campus and familiarize yourself with the Student Union, Library, and University Community.

  • Visit our website at to register for your benefits orientation and download a Benefits Guide

  • You have 60 days from your date of hire to make your benefit selections.

  • Your health insurance coverage may begin as early as the 1st day of the month following the completion of your enrollment paperwork. Depending on your enrollment date, you may have to provide a personal check for your first month's premiums.

  • Other supplemental benefits for which you enroll become effective after a full month's premium has been payroll deducted.

  • As you arrive on campus your first day, you will need to stop by the information booth at the main entrance to receive a one day parking pass. You will be given a two week temporary decal during your payroll sign-on until you obtain a permanent permit from Parking Services.
  • You may view all the Parking Rules and Regulations, including fees and fines through University homepage.
  • You may view and print a campus map (including parking lots) from the University homepage.

Visit Human Resources online at:
Modular 2
(239) 590-1400

Download and print the sign on packet
View the Benefits Guide
Access the University's Homepage

View Policies & Procedures

Register for your Benefits Overview Read Additional HR Updates