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June, 2012

Retirement Changes
Please see the following information about bills passed by the Florida Legislature that will impact members of the Florida Retirement System Investment Plan and ORP. This summary also contains an update on the 2011 legislation lawsuit. Click here for more information.

Employee Service Awards
The Employee Service Award program is one of the many ways that FGCU recognizes employees. The program, authorized by FGCU Regulation FGCU-PR5.007, recognizes service milestones in increments of five continuous years of service. These milestones are celebrated with different awards aligned to the length of service, in addition to an annual breakfast which is held toward the end of the spring semester. The awards themselves, however, are presented throughout the year by the employee’s manager. Human Resources distributes the awards to the managers on a monthly basis. The manager then presents the award to the employee in whatever way the department chooses to celebrate employee service. Every department handles the presentation of employee service awards differently. Questions about your department’s process can be addressed to your manager. Questions about the service award program can be addressed to Carole Kaptur, Manager, Employee Relations & Organization Development, at 590-1417 or

Drug-Free Workplace
Florida Gulf Coast University’s Drug-Free Workplace/Schools Policy was promulgated to comply with the Drug-Free Workplace Act adopted by Congress in 1988 and the Drug-Free Schools Communities Act Amendments of 1989, Public Law 101-226. The regulations require publication of a policy statement notifying students and employees of the University’s Drug-Free Workplace/Schools Policy and establishment of a drug prevention program.

We are committed to providing an academic and workplace environment free of the illegal use and abuse of alcohol and the manufacture, sale, purchase, use, possession, or distribution of illicit drugs in and on FGCU owned or controlled property. Florida Law prohibits the sale or distribution of illicit drugs within a 200-foot perimeter of the University property. Further information regarding the health risks associated with substance abuse, available drug and alcohol counseling, treatment, or conduct and penalties for violations are available on the main HR page by clicking here.

Your help is needed to ensure compliance with this policy. Faculty or staff with questions regarding the policy should contact the Department of Human Resources at 239-590-1400.

Renewal of Volunteer Acknowledgment form
FGCU is very grateful for the time donated by our dedicated volunteers. If your department currently has any volunteers, this is to remind you that Volunteer Acknowledgment forms on file in HR will expire on June 30th. If your volunteers will be continuing their service after June 30th, please have them complete a new form which is available by clicking here. All forms should then be submitted to Human Resources.

New TIAA-CREF Representative
Human Resources would like to introduce our new TIAA-CREF representative, Richard Chandres, who will be on campus to help you enroll in ORP and our Tax Deferred Annuity plans.

Richard Chandres is a Senior Financial Consultant from TIAA-CREF’s Boca Raton Office. He has been with TIAA-CREF for 10 years and in the financial services industry for 22 yrs. He has a Bachelors of Science degree from Florida International University plus is a Chartered Retirement planning Counselor as well as a Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor.

As a Senior Consultant, his goal is to define a clear picture of how to get you to and through retirement; so by partnering with TIAA-CREF we can achieve your envision of retirement. This entails defining your goal or goals and building the plan to take you to and through your retirement.

Contact Information:

Richard Chandres CMFC, CRPC
Senior Consultant 1 Client Services
Toll free: 866 842-3357 x261308
Direct: 561 393-1308
Fax: 561 368-6996

Advancement in Education
If you have furthered your education since you began your employment with FGCU, please submit to the University an official copy of your transcript of the highest degree earned in order to ensure that your personnel record accurately reflects your educational accomplishments. Transcripts should be mailed by the degree granting institution directly to FGCU's Department of Human Resources.

Outside Activity Reporting Requirements
According to University Regulation, FGCU-PR5.012, Outside Employment/Activities, an employee engaged in any outside employment or activity, for which there is compensation, must complete and submit a Request for Approval of Outside Employment Activity Form. Additionally, an employee engaged in uncompensated activities that may create a conflict of interest must also complete the aforementioned form. If there is a question of whether an activity could involve a conflict of interest, the employee should seek approval.

Annual approval for an outside employment or activity is also required. If the outside employment or activity is to extend beyond June 30 or to exceed one year, a new form must be submitted prior to July 1 of each new fiscal year. Faculty covered by the FGCU-UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement must submit a report at the beginning of each academic year for continuing outside activity previously reported; prior to beginning a new employment or activity; and at such time as there is a significant change in a reported activity (nature, extent, funding, etc.).

Responsibilities for New Employees and Hiring Departments
All new employees must visit Human Resources to complete their Sign-On process on or before their first day of employment.

New Faculty, A&P, and SP employees will have a scheduled appointment time on their first day of work which will be stated in their Letter of Offer. For the convenience of our OPS employees, Sign-On Sessions are offered 5 days a week:

• Mondays 1:00 pm

• Tuesdays 4:00 pm

• Wednesdays 11:00 am

• Thursdays 10:00 am

• Fridays 11:30 am

A critical component of the new employee Sign-On process is the completion of the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services' (USCIS) I-9 Form. Completion of the I-9 form is required to verify the identity and employment eligibility of anyone hired by the university.

According to USCIS requirements, all new employees must complete the I-9 Form on or before their first day of work. They must also present an original document or documents that establish identity and employment eligibility. Employees can choose which document(s) they want to present from a list of acceptable documents. Click here to view the list of acceptable documents.

Employees should also bring a photocopy of their social security card for Payroll W-4 purposes if they will not be presenting their original social security card as one of the I-9 documents.

New employees must arrive promptly for the scheduled time and bring their completed sign-on packet that is available for download on the HR website Those who arrive late or do not have their completed paperwork will be required to attend another session. Once the session is completed the employees will receive a ‘Sign-On Verification’ form which they are directed to return to their supervisor. This form notifies the supervisor that the employee has completed the Sign-On requirements and is able to begin work.

Please feel free to contact HR (590-1400) with any questions. Thank you for your help ensuring that all employees complete their Sign-On process on or before their first day of FGCU employment.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida is now Florida Blue
State Employees’ PPO Plan health insurance provider Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida has recently changed its name to Florida Blue.

According to the company’s recent press release, the new name, logo and tagline, “In the pursuit of health,” are all part of the company’s transition to a health solutions company. The overarching mission is to help the people of Florida and their communities achieve better health. They believe that the new name reflects their commitment to putting Floridians at the forefront of everything they do.

Plan members will begin seeing the new company name on publications, including the Member Health Statement. This name change will not impact any benefits members currently receive under the plan. Additionally, all member websites and phone numbers will remain the same.

If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Department at (239) 590-1400.