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Human Resources
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Human Resources Department
Florida Gulf Coast University
Modular 2
10501 FGCU Blvd. South
Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565

Tele: (239) 590-1400
Fax: (239) 590-1011

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, call Florida Gulf Coast University using the Florida Relay at 711.

Employee Handbook


III. Your Job

Classification Plans

Your work at the University should be a challenging and stimulating experience. No matter what job you hold, you are a part of the team that will mold the University. Your contribution is essential to our continued success.

The University Board of Trustees establishes the personnel program for all University employees in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of the Board of Governors. There are three classification plans including Faculty, Administrative and Professional (A&P), and  Support Personnel. Each A&P and Support Personnel employee is assigned to a specific position that has an official position description outlining the duties the employee in that position is expected to perform. You should ask your supervisor for a copy of your position description. A copy of your official position description is also on file in Human Resources.


Using the official position description and relevant class specifications, Human Resources classifies positions (that is, assigns them to an official class title) based on the kind of work performed and the level of responsibility assigned.

When the duties of a position increase or decrease significantly, it is possible to reclassify the position with an appropriate change in title and/or salary.

Employment Opportunities

Position Vacancy Announcements for all Faculty, Administrative & Professional (A&P), and Support Personnel positions are posted in Modular 2 and on the Employment Opportunities (SOAR) link on the Human Resources website at

Performance Evaluation

New program being implemented. Details will be communicated as soon as available.

A&P and Support Personnel Outstanding Employee Award

These awards are presented to an A&P and a Support Personnel employee for outstanding service to the University  that has benefited the entire University during the past academic year. The Gabor Agency, Inc., one of the University's insurance providers, and the Staff Advisory Council (SAC) fund the awards. The Staff Advisory Council coordinates the solicitation of nominees and the selection of the recipients. The awards are presented at the spring Celebration of Excellence.

Service Recognition

In recognition of your continuous satisfactory service to the University, you will receive an award at five-year intervals. Awards take the form of certificates, pins or other tokens of recognition. Service awards may also be presented to retiring employees whose service has been satisfactory with the University.


If you decide to resign from your position with the University, you should notify your supervisor or department head as far in advance as possible. Employees are encouraged to provide at least two weeks notice of resignation to their supervisor. 

The employment of any A&P or Support Personnel employee may be terminated for cause, such as misconduct, below standard performance, incompetence, etc. as outlined in FGCU regulation FGCU-PR5.016 and FGCU-PR5.023.

The employment of any A&P employee may be separated, without cause, upon advance notice of separation.  Employees in the initial year of employment shall be given 30 days notice prior to the effective date.  Employees with more than one year of employment shall be given 90 days notice prior to the effective date.  During this time an employee may be reassigned other duties and responsibilities; however, the University must continue to pay the employee until the date of final termination.

In these instances the employee may have certain rights to grieve. Human Resources will provide assistance regarding applicable grievance procedure to an employee who is separated from employment.

For more information click here.

Exit Separation Process

If you are ending your employment with FGCU, please contact Human Resources at 590-1400 two weeks prior to your last day of employment in order to schedule an exit interview.

Prior to your last day at work, you are required to return to your supervisor all University property including keys and pay any outstanding fines or obligations. You will need to complete a Departmental Separation Clearance Form in addition to scheduling an exit interview with Human Resources. During the exit interview, you will receive important information regarding your final pay check and any applicable leave cash outs, insurance including COBRA and other benefits you may be eligible to continue, and answers to any other questions. Additionally, if you are moving out of the area, it is important to change your address on your W-4. This will ensure that you receive your final W-2 in a timely manner.

Your clearance with each department is considered part of your position responsibilities and the time that is required to complete the process is regular work time. The completed Departmental Separation Clearance Form is your "receipt" that all outstanding obligations have been satisfied.  The University reserves the right to deduct from the employee's last pay monies for any outstanding property or unsettled accounts.


In the unlikely event that the University should experience adverse financial circumstances, loss of grant funding, curtailment or abolishment of one or more programs or functions, or an academic or administrative reorganization, etc., there may be a layoff.

Layoffs may be at an organizational level such as division, college, department, area, program, unit or other level of organization.  In designating the employees for layoff, the qualifications and relevant experiences required for specific positions will be considered.

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