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Honors Program

FGCU Ambassador Program


Honors works closely with Alumi Affairs and the University Foundation on the FGCU Ambassadors Program.

The Program starts with the President's leadership forum, Lessons in Leadership. This is a one-credit class that is taught by the President of FGCU. This is not, however, your normal class on leadership. Instead of memorizing theories and learning skills, the students will actually meet individuals who have distinguished themselves as leaders. Our guests include CEOs major corporations, ambassadors, public servants, and philanthropists. The class begins with the President and our guest talking casually about leadership and the guest's specific path to leadership. Students then have an opportunity to ask the guest questions. This is followed by an informal reception at which students have the chance to talk one-on-one with our distinguished guests.

Students who distinguish themselves in Lessons in Leadership generally apply to be FGCU Ambassadors. This development/mentorship program teaches students the important skills associated with professional networking. They learn the basics of etiquette, how to "work a room," the do's and don'ts of formal dinner, etc.

After completion of the developmental training, students are initiated as official FGCU Ambassadors. They will represent FGCU in a formal capacity at the many events that we have in the community. This provides an invaluable networking opportunity, as they will have the opportunity to participate in many exclusive civic and social events.