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50-Mile Relay



The 6th Annual Fly-by-Night 50-Mile Relay

sponsored by

Campus Rec


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The Fly-by-Night 50-Mile Relay sponsored by Campus Rec is back and registration is now open. Whether you are a runner or a walker, this event is a great way to stay fit and have a great night out with your friends and colleagues.

Teams of 5-8 members will complete a race of 50 miles (80.4672 km) on the FGCU campus. Each leg of the race will be a 2 mile loop, so members need only be able to run/jog/walk 2 miles at a times. For a team of 8, that means only 3 to 4 loops over the course of up to 10 hours. In fact, the majority of our participants in 2013 were walkers, joggers, or first time runners and most teams finished the entire 50 miles before the course closed.


 Whether you’re fast or slow, there is a space for your team! This race is open to the public, so if you and your family and friends want to form a team, feel free. Note that there will be a prize for the top-place FGCU teams, so you can organize people in your area to run too! You only need 5 of your members to be from your group to be in the FGCU team category, so you can even seek out a couple of ringers!

This year, all registration is online. The application can be found online here: Fly-by-Night Application. Team spots are limited, so we encourage you to sign up ASAP. If you have any questions about the race, please contact Carl Bleich (