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Honors Program

The Liberal Arts Experience



Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Courses

While specialized, discipline-based knowledge certainly helps us to better understand the world and our place within it, knowledge created from the interactions between disciplines or in spaces not covered by traditional disciplines can be equally powerful. Because of this, Honors makes sure that students have the opportunity to explore traditional questions through interdisciplinary inquiry.

We so believe in interdisciplinary learning that the vast majority of FGCU honors courses are taught through courses with interdisciplinary prefixes. The ISS in "ISS 2011," for example, stands for Interdisciplinary Social Science; IDH for Interdisciplinary Honors; and ISC for Interdisciplinary Science.


Should I Consider this Experience?

The liberal arts experience allows you to explore knowing through a wider variety of courses than the standard curriculum. So if you like interdisciplinary learning and something a little more eccletic from your general education, this is for you. 

Moreover, since many of these courses count toward general education requirements, this experience is ideal for you if you enter Honors in your freshman or sophomore year.


Completion Requirements

To complete the liberal arts experience, students need to complete at least 9 credit hours of honors coursework with IDH, ISS or ISC prefixes. Courses used to complete this requirement may also count toward other experiences.