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One of the main responsibilities of any honors program is to provide intellectual diversity to the campus. At FGCU, we take this duty to heart. The Honors Program sponsors anywhere from 75 to 100 events per year. Many of these are major speakers. We have hosted researchers on chimpanzee sign-language usage, existential psychotherapy, criminal forensics, libertarian economics, feline behavior, pet assisted therapy, and Buddhist meditation. These talks are generally open to the public, with honors students enjoying special access to our guests.

Honors also hosts a number of events that are only open to our students. These include special advising sessions, social events (e.g., pancake breakfasts, socials, chili cookoffs, etc.), and exclusive speakers. Through Lessons in Leadership, we have brought CEOs of major corporations, politicians, and ambassadors to speak with students. Honors also performs many service functions together; screens many films and documentaries; and plays hard with big events like the 50-mile relay and our broomball tournament.

Of course, honors students have opportunities for both planning and participating in events.