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Most of the FGCU honors courses complement major or general education requirements. We offer several types of honors courses. These range from honors sections of regular courses (e.g., Honors Composition I, Honors Biology I, etc.) to interdisciplinary general education courses, honors readings to service labs.

Honors offers many courses under the following course numbers: ISS 2011, ISC 2930, and IDH 2931. Each of these courses counts as a general education requirement (ISS 2011 as Social Science, ISC 2930 as a Natural Science, and IDH 2931 as a humanities Gordon Rule). The topics for these courses vary with the instructor. Generally, we use these courses as opportunities for faculty and students to explore areas of academic research that don't fit neatly within disciplinary categories.

We also offer Honors Readings. These are small courses, generally capped at six students, in which students and faculty members explore a topic in a reading group atmosphere. These courses are pass/fail courses.

Other courses that Honors offers are Honors Thesis, Honors Service, Honors Independent Research, Lessons in Leadership, and Honors Great Books. We offer a diverse set of courses each semester, exposing students to a variety of rich academic experiences. Below are the descriptions of the most frequently offered courses.

IDH 1930 - Honors Readings - 1 credit(s)
Each semester, groups will discuss several books related to a specific theme. Class is generally capped at 6 students. S/U grading. May be repeated for credit up to four times when topics vary.

IDH 2931 - Honors Humanities Seminar - 3 credit(s)
An honors special topics course examining objects of culture using the methods of the Humanities. Topic selection will be within the broad framework of communication, culture, the arts, letters, popular culture, concepts, or the life of the mind. ~ This class meets both the Gordon Writing Rule and General Education Humanities criteria.

IDH 3910 - Honors Directed Ind. Research - 1 to 3 credit(s)
Directed, independent research under a faculty member on a topic related to the student's main area of academic or professional inquiry. Must be an honors student in good standing.

IDH 4638C - Honors Service - 1 to 3 credit(s)
Courses with large service learning and service team components. May be repeated when topics vary. Must be an active member of the FGCU Honors Program.

IDH 4945 - Honors in Washington - 3 to 6 credit(s)
Honors in Washington provides academic credit for student internship experiences arranged through the Washington Center, in Washington, D.C. Students develop a portfolio of their internship experience. The composition of the portfolio and the criteria for grading it are determined by FGCU faculty. FGCU faculty also grade the portfolio. Second semester sophomore standing required to participate in program. Students must contact the FGCU representative, Richard Coughlin (, before attending the Washington Center, to receive credit for this. Information on the Washington Center can be found here.

IDH 4975 - Honors Thesis - 1 to 3 credit(s)
Honors students working to complete an Honors Thesis can register for 1-3 credit hours. May be repeated once. Must be an active member of the FGCU Honors Program.

ISS 2011 - Interdisciplinary Social Science - 3 credit(s)
Examination of current social science issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. Topic selection will be within the broad framework of political ideologies, social structures, manifestations technological changes, economic conditions, of culture and impacts on changing social patterns.

ISC 2930 - Selected Topics - 1 to 4 credit(s)
Topics of current or special interest to students or faculty. Topics or focus vary depending on student/faculty interest.