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Florida Gulf Coast University

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Our Mission

The Florida Gulf Coast University Honors Program gives exceptional student scholars and leaders the opportunity to experience the best that higher education offers. Through small classes filled with top students, one-on-one mentoring by outstanding professors, and innovative curricular experiences, honors students graduate prepared for academic and professional success. FGCU was established as Florida’s environmental campus.

We have the special distinction of featuring civic mindedness and ecological perspective in all of our degree programs. Our Honors Program builds on this unique foundation. It emphasizes that education is the key to maintaining a successful democracy and building a sustainable future. Our curriculum ensures that students cultivate and nurture civic and ecological perspectives informed by innovative research.

With knowledge comes responsibility. Thus, we encourage students to understand their degrees as civic goods and to use them in accord with the highest standards of virtue. In the spirit philosopher Immanuel Kant, we know that research without reflection is blind, and responsibility without reflection is empty.