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Information on Financial Aid



Honors has many scholarships that are available to only to honors students. We provide competitive scholarships for students involved in active research, service, and leadership activities; have a generous, competitive program that provides scholarships for study abroad; and grant many renewable scholarships for academic/Honors achievement.  Nearly 80% of our continuing students are on some type of scholarship through Honors. 

However, it is important to note that Honors is not primarily a scholarship or financial aid program. Outside of the Gold Scholars, few of our students are given scholarships in their first year. And while Honors can certainly help your child with the financial aspects of attending college, scholarships are generally based upon success and not mere membership in our Program. Parents seeking to help students with financial aid beyond their normal awards are encouraged to visit our Financial AidAdmissions, and Foundations Scholarship websites. Our students have been very successful in receiving scholarships from these sources. We also encourage you to contact your local community foundation and research local organizations like the Rotary Club. These are often excellent sources for financial support.